Friday, June 24, 2016

Product Review: PUREgrace Twin Mattress Protector (+ discount!)

A little while back, I shared the fabulousness that is PUREgrace crib mattress protectors. We still use them every night on the twins' mattresses. And they are definitely still a lifesaver.

Then, a few months ago the people at PUREgrace let me know that they were preparing to release a twin sized mattress protector. I was thrilled and jealous. I want one of these comfy things for my bed! Perhaps someday. In the meantime, Stanford's mattress got an upgrade.

We moved Stanford out of his crib right around the time he turned three. Instead of moving to a traditional bed he is on the floor in a camper tent. It has proven to be the perfect in between of a crib an bed. And so cozy!

Very luckily, Stanford potty trained at age 2 with zero issue or accidents. (I pray the twins will be that easy!) So while we don't need the mattress protector for accidents, it still is nice peace of mind - just in case! Our need for the product, however, is for two other issues: puke and sippy cup leaks. I can tell you this: any unprotected mattress would have been straight up ruined by now by the number of upset tummies and spills we clean on a regular basis.

The PUREgrace mattress protector has earned its weight in gold around here! We toss it in the wash with our bedding and it has held up beautifully. It's luxe, soft, and absolutely keeps the mattress dry.

{Check out PUREgrace's website. You can also find them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.}

Also, if you would like to give one a try here's a code for $5 off the twin protector!