Monday, July 25, 2016

Product Review: DockATot

Those first few nights at home with a newborn are just brutal. I remember thinking over and over again with Little Fix-It how there must be something evolutionarily askew that women have the dual burden of physically recovering from childbirth and caring for a newborn. "My body is torn, bleeding, aching, my nipples are throbbing, and I am unable to sleep for more than 90 minutes. The universe got this so terribly wrong."

When it comes to sleep my philosophy is: WHATEVER WORKS. I know a lot of people choose to have their babies sleep in their rooms. I do not understand these people. Trust me, I get the convenience. I just simply cannot sleep with a child within earshot. "Is that fuss the start of a wake up? Are they breathing funny? I'll just stay awake and listen in case I need to do something." That's me. All night long. When we brought the twins home I was sure we would have them in our bedroom because I'd be recovering from a scheduled c-section and Mr. Fix-It could hand me a baby for overnight feedings. Know how long that lasted? 3 hours. Not even a whole night.

So, while my kids sleep down the hall, in their room, with the door closed I need the peace of mind that they are safe. Enter the DockATot.

I was familiar with the product from enthusiastic recommendations of fellow moms. So, when I got the opportunity to review one via Savvy Sassy Moms I jumped at the chance. A few benefits:
  • mimics the womb
  • fully portable
  • breathable surface
  • washable cover
  •  reduces risk of flat head syndrome
  • reduces startle reflex

Simply put: It's a cozy sleep space that creates comfort and security. And our littlest guy loves it.

He is happy, safe, and at 6 weeks only waking for ONE overnight feeding. It's amazing. We are all so wonderfully rested.

The other thing I love is that the DockATot doesn't create a sleep habit I later have to "undo". With Little Fix-It, I dreaded the day we stopped letting him sleep in the swing. Same for the twins with their Rock N Plays. With the DockATot, our little guy is already in the crib. As he grows, the bottom unclips so his legs can stretch out. There is also a larger size, The Grand, for ages 9mos-36mos.

We are definite DockATot fans! It gets our 4th baby "Product We Didn't Know We Couldn't Live Without" seal of approval!

{Check out DockATot's website}
The DockATot Deluxe was sent to us
via the Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts Program!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Product Review: PUREgrace Twin Mattress Protector (+ discount!)

A little while back, I shared the fabulousness that is PUREgrace crib mattress protectors. We still use them every night on the twins' mattresses. And they are definitely still a lifesaver.

Then, a few months ago the people at PUREgrace let me know that they were preparing to release a twin sized mattress protector. I was thrilled and jealous. I want one of these comfy things for my bed! Perhaps someday. In the meantime, Stanford's mattress got an upgrade.

We moved Stanford out of his crib right around the time he turned three. Instead of moving to a traditional bed he is on the floor in a camper tent. It has proven to be the perfect in between of a crib an bed. And so cozy!

Very luckily, Stanford potty trained at age 2 with zero issue or accidents. (I pray the twins will be that easy!) So while we don't need the mattress protector for accidents, it still is nice peace of mind - just in case! Our need for the product, however, is for two other issues: puke and sippy cup leaks. I can tell you this: any unprotected mattress would have been straight up ruined by now by the number of upset tummies and spills we clean on a regular basis.

The PUREgrace mattress protector has earned its weight in gold around here! We toss it in the wash with our bedding and it has held up beautifully. It's luxe, soft, and absolutely keeps the mattress dry.

{Check out PUREgrace's website. You can also find them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.}

Also, if you would like to give one a try here's a code for $5 off the twin protector!