Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My Children Are Not A Burden

I have joked that I can't leave the house with my kids if I'm not in a really good mood. Everyone stops us. EVERYONE. I get it - it's hard to pass up commenting on twins and a toddler. And my kids are generally quite happy. They're practically asking for people to stop and chat.

The one thing people say over and over is how hard it must be. How I have my hands full. How much work raising three kids is. And while, yes, these things can be true, I refuse to imply in front of my children that they are a burden. I always kindly respond that "my kids are absolutely wonderful" and that "I'm so lucky". Somehow no one is satisfied by this answer. Of course there are some days when I want to pull my hair out. But, really, I do appreciate that I have pretty great kids.

I just hate the idea of being so negative about our kids. Especially while their impressionable ears are listening. What's the lesson in that? What's the message we convey?

At the end of the day, my kids are not a burden. They are a challenge. They keep me busy. They are silly, and fun, and manage to get 62% of every meal on the floor. They are so amazing. Ridiculously cute. And I really mean it when I say I'm the lucky one.


  1. I totally agree! People are so negative with their comments no matter how many kids you have--it's always "Just wait until..." My mom told me that before I was born, she was with my cousins and their parents at a McDonalds and the boys were being a little rowdy; their dad looked at her and, right in front of them, said "Don't have kids." And the boys were elementary school age! So horrifying.

  2. As a 36 year old woman struggling with infertility (I recently had a second trimester loss of identical twins), thank you. I bugs the crap out of me when people complain about their children. I followed you on weddingbee and am so happy to see you posting again!