Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Currently Loving

Where did I leave off? Oh, 2013. Well, no denying it's been a while around here.

1. Faux Fur Trim Down & Feather Fill Parka: I could write a whole separate post on this, but I'll give you the TLDR: I'm increasingly self-conscious about my age. Not that I think I'm getting old. Just the opposite actually. I'm acutely aware that people think I'm very young. I can't tell you how may times I get asked if I'm the nanny. While flattering, I am making an effort to dress a little more mature. Part of this is parting ways with my go-to North Face and Patagonia pieces. While I still love my old favorites, I think this quilted parka reads just a tiny bit more age appropriate.

2. Bolthouse Farms Protein Plus: I cannot get enough of this stuff! While I'm sure it's not a stellar health food, it totally satisfies my would-be Starbucks iced coffee cravings. Y.U.M.

3. IKEA Ribba Frame: At $14.99 these IKEA frames can't be beat. I bought 4 years ago and still love them so much. They're a great oversized square and look so crisp and modern. I'm planning on adding 5 more to the collection to make a huge gallery wall in our to-be-renovated dining room. My aim is to create something like this:

4. GLAMGLOW Flashmud Brightening Treatment: OMG PUT THIS ON YOUR CHRISTMAS LIST NOW! It's my new obsession. Obsessed! It's a little spendy at $69, but let me tell you my skin looks amazing. I love, love, love it. If you're not convinced, the awesome people at Sephora just might give you a sample.
5. Facebook Groups: Specifically, Kid's Clothing Resale groups. I've met some great moms, and I've sold sizes my boys have outgrown and fully funded the next season of clothing. It's fantastic.
6. Mr. Pumice: Man, the bottom of my feet get ROUGH. On days when I remember to scrub down the bottoms of my feet with this thing I'm extra happy. It's less than $5 on amazon. Steal!


  1. Ikea has the best frames! I love those, too. And I'm in need of a new coat or two as well - I've had all of mine for just about forever.

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