Thursday, August 20, 2015

For the Love of Sleep (and a PUREgrace Premium Crib Mattress Protector)

I'm pretty sure sleep is the magical unicorn that all parents chase. We definitely take sleep pretty seriously around here. I've joked that Amazon's purchase history between the hours of midnight and 5am are primarily by desperate moms hoping a sound machine, just the right swaddle, or a new swing will be the cure-all. I, for one, have most definitely not shopped half awake out of desperation. Definitely not.

It seems like there are two key elements to getting through the night:
+ the actual sleep itself
+ staying clean and dry

I am a firm believer in a few key sleep elements:
     1. A dark room. You NEED blackout shades.
     2. White noise.
     3. A consistent bedtime routine.
     4. A cozy sleep environment.

In my book, a cozy sleep environment means: a quality mattress, soft linens, cuddly pajamas, a comfort object (lovey/blanket) and a durable crib.

Staying clean and dry has been the real challenge. Here's why:

CRIB 1: The King of the Diaper Leak

CRIB 2: The Puke Master

So, when I was given the opportunity to try and then review a PUREgrace Premium Crib Mattress Protector I jumped at the chance to add another element of comfort and protection to the twins' beds. With all the mess around here, mattress protection is a no-brainer.

The PUREgrace mattress protectors is how amazingly silky soft and high quality they feel. It's almost a shame to put sheets over them! According to the PUREgrace people: it's made of a product called Tencel that's a botanic and pure fiber derived from Euclyptus trees, found in nature, grown free from pesticides and herbicides, and harvested through an eco-friendly manufacturing process. Who wouldn't want their sweet little ones sleeping on that?

The other thing that's really fantastic is the security with which they attach to the mattress. The mattress protectors are very deep and have a series of elastics that keep them extremely secure. I appreciate not losing any sleep worrying about anything coming loose.

The PUREgrace mattress protector is a luxurious and high quality product. Honestly, it's not something I had thought to purchase, but I absolutely love having these! What are your sleep essentials?

{Check out PUREgrace's website. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.}
PUREgrace Premium Crib Mattress Protector was sent to us
via the Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts Program!


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