Thursday, May 15, 2014


When we were undergoing fertility treatments to conceive Baby Fix-It, I thought I appreciated how easy we had it. Our fertility clinic was literally a 5 minute walk from our home. I'd get up for work a little early, go in for a monitoring appointment, and head off to the office. If I wanted to schedule an acupuncture appointment, I was able to swing by on my way home. It was a small, brief, addition to my daily routine.

In the fall we learned that we had to switch clinics. Our insurance had changed. We were now working with a bigger, fancier clinic downtown. With a big parking garage. And long waits. What used to be a quick pit stop is now an hour, often longer, event. And now we have a kid thrown into the mix. If I need to be downtown at 7am, Mr. Fix-It and I are juggling schedules. Sometimes this means we scoop Baby Fix-It out of his crib and PJs, we all head down to the clinic, and then we drop off Mr. Fix-It to his office. Other days I try to head out early, Mr. Fix-It works from home, and I do my best to get back before childcare has cut too far into my husband's day. He very often starts his mornings with an 8am conference call. Other days he is literally standing at the door waiting to run off to the train as I pull back in the garage.

And then I'm trying to keep up with acupuncture. Yesterday was so hectic that I literally dropped Baby Fix-It off at the street corner of North and Clybourn while Mr. Fix-It jumped off the train, grabbed our kid, and took him home. Makin' it work? Yes we are.

I'm not complaining. Trust me, I'm not. It's just so different this time around. It's so much more. So much more work, so much more coordinating, so much more everything. And hopefully, equally worthwhile.