Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why We Stopped Nursing

We were ready for another baby when Baby Fix-It was 9 months old. Actually, I'd have been willing to start trying when he was 6 months old. I'm one of those people who feels that when you're in the thick of the baby phase, just add more chaos. That's not exactly how things will work out for us, and that's ok too. Since I was nursing, and with our grim fertility diagnosis, I knew the odds of a surprise baby were basically non-existent. (Aside: those people who innocently say, "Maybe it will just happen this time!" are just...wrong. No one would love that surprise more than me. Please, universe, prove me wrong. But really, no. Makin' babies around here involves just a bit more.)

So, when Baby Fix-It was 7 months old, we made a visit to our Reproductive Endocrinologist. He informed me that I'd have to stop nursing three months prior to beginning a fertility cycle. I had hoped to make it to the year mark breastfeeding, but then I also very much wanted to expand our family around Baby Fix-It's first birthday. We weaned at 9 months. It was HORRIBLE. The physical pain of that process was...OMG...awful.  

PSA: Do not stop breastfeeding cold turkey. Your boobs will be rocks of feverish pain. 

Funny story from that hellish week: I had a photoshoot during the time I had the gigantic rock boobs. It was summer and I was wearing a sporty tank top. You know those lululemon ones with the built in bras? Yeah. Above all else, I needed those suckers to stay in place. Any bouncing or movement almost drove me to tears. As I leaned down to photograph an 18 month old, the mom stood there with her jaw on the floor. She announces, "I just can't stop staring. Ohmigod. I can't. I'm mesmerized. Your tits are HUGE!". It was pretty hilarious. Yes, why yes they are. And if you try to come near me I will bite your hand off.
 "Those look like they still work, Mom"

So around Baby Fix-Its first birthday we picked up the phone to schedule another appointment with our Reproductive Endocrinologist to get things moving. We had successfully stopped nursing three months prior, as recommended, and were ready to make another baby. Oh, wait, surprise! They don't accept our insurance any more.

Cue an ugly meltdown on my part. We now were guaranteed to be delayed in this process a few months. And I could have continued to breastfeed a bit longer. This, my friends, is where the road to Baby 2 starts to get, rocky, if you will...


  1. Ahhh doctor runaround is just the worst. My husband had a dental appt set for December, he showed up and the doctor was out sick so he rescheduled for the next week and the same thing happened and now they have rescheduled three times and he has an appt for the end of April. It is so frustrating and we are thinking now by the time he goes the small problem is going to be a huge one.

  2. I'm so impressed that you had insurance coverage with your son. None of our infertility treatments were covered. Three years later - still paying; no baby.

    1. Oh, honey. That's so awful. We feel SO BLESSED that infertility coverage in Illinois is very good. Our plan allowed for 3 IUI cycles and 6 (lifetime) IVF cycles after a successful birth. I don't for a second forget how amazing this is.