Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Think It's Getting Better

I find vague-booking insanely annoying. You know those people who post things like, "Thanks for the support and prayers!" and you're left scrambling to read the comments to figure out what the heck happened? Then that brave person inquires about what's going on, and there's no response. I have a friend who recently did this. I honestly have no idea if her husband got hit by a bus, has cancer, lost his job, or just got a bad case of food poisoning. Sorry, can't send well wishes if you're going to be frustratingly vague. Either share or don't share, you know?

In the same vein, I apologize. I've been pretty tight-lipped about our fertility process at the moment. I'd probably be comfortable sharing more, but my privacy isn't the only factor. I have a husband and child to consider. Said husband is more of a private person than me. For now, we're hanging in there. The road to baby #2 simply has not been as easy and stress-free as it was to #1 (which was no walk in the park). It seems that things are slowly turning around, though, and the bad news, frustrations, insurance battles, and stress are subsiding. Right now, the best thing I can do is take care of myself physically and emotionally as well as pour my love and energy into my child and marriage. Most days this is easier said than done. But I remind myself that it is a healthy body and healthy marriage that nurture healthy families.

So, here we are, just about to wrap up February. Sometimes my mind wanders to that failed cycle in December, and I think about how I'd be just about to complete my First Trimester. That seems so crazy, and also a bit sad.

It's been a long winter. A long, exhausting, cold, snowy, cooped up kind of winter. This past weekend we got a break from it. Some time with friends, sunshine, and warm air really breathed new life into us.


  1. I agree so much on the vague tweets or postings in general! Maybe I am just nosy but I want details if you feel the need to post on social media!

    Also glad you are feeling better, I know I was feeling pretty down on life in general but now that the sun is coming and warmer temperatures my mood has really improved.

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