Monday, December 30, 2013

5 Things that make me irrationally crabby

I'm in a good mood today. Honestly. 

1. JalapeƱo Cornbread
Cornbread is delicious. WHY would I want my mouth to burn while enjoying said deliciousness? Do people think it's fancier? It's not. It's gross. 

2. Wearing Glasses
They make my nose greasy. And my face feel hot. And the lenses are always dirty. And they give me headaches from pinching the sides of my head. And when I look down and they slide off I get RAGEY FIREY MAD. I'm not above throwing them. Maybe I have sensory issues. 

3. Stinky Sponges
That smell that gets stuck on your hands when you use an old sponge? THE WORST! If I remember, throwing said sponge in the dishwasher can help. Mostly though, I do an awkward claw-pinch and toss that foul thing in the trash. 

4. Grocery Shopping
Mention grocery shopping to me on a Sunday afternoon, and watch my mood immediately turn to crap. I would rather live on scraps of food for weeks on end than go to a grocery store. 

5. Being Right
As in, "we really need to leave now because Baby Fix-It needs his nap".  Oh what's that? I said that 45 minutes ago and now he's screaming in the back seat? Uh huh. 

What drives you crazy?


I've alluded to the fact that we underwent fertility treatments to conceive our son. At the time it felt like a big undertaking. Huge. But it went unbelievably smoothly and we got pregnant easily. "Awesome! My body loves making babies" I thought.

To prepare for that fertility cycle I went crunchy. Like big-ole-hippy-granola mama. I eliminated caffeine. I went to acupuncture. I amped up the yoga. I meditated. I ate tons of green vegetables. I meticulously organized my supplements. Booze? Gone. My mindset was: no regrets. If I was asking a lot of my body I was going to be kind in return. 

Now it's today. Today I got the call that breaks your heart into tiny pieces. "Your HCG test came back negative". 

Over a month ago I toasted the start of a new fertility cycle. 

I'll just say it: I was a little smug. 

Getting pregnant? Easy. It wasn't a problem last time we did this. All that yoga? Pffffft. Chill out, self. Just live life and let this happen. So I told myself. 

But then it didn't go so well. I had an allergic reaction to a medication. My estrogen was unusually low. I started to feel, well, crazy hormonal. Poor Mr. Fix-It. I really did get cray cray. None of the process was smooth or easy. 

So here we are. Failed. Not exactly how I hoped to start the New Year, but time for a fresh start nonetheless. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Be Merry!


I love receiving Christmas Cards! I'm so glad it's that time of year. Merry Christmas from our little blog to YOU! And just for fun, here's a little trip down memory lane. 2013 marks our 5th Christmas Card as a couple/family!

{2012: Family of 3!}

{2011: Married, Baby on the way soon}

{2010: Just Married}

{2009: Engaged}

Friday, December 6, 2013


I feel like there are two camps of people when it comes to life and timing: the "there's no perfect time for anything, you have to let life happen" and the "I'm way too much of a planner for that". Most of us live somewhere in the middle. I think.

I'd say one of my greatest challenges is not imposing my timeline on things that happen in due time. I'd like to use that as my excuse as to why a wedding venue was booked before I had a ring on my finger. But September 25 is the PERFECT fall-in-New-England wedding date! Turns out, it wasn't. It was 86 degrees and painfully hot in the chapel. You'd think I'd learn by now.

Other times, though, I've nailed timing. Not so long ago a perfectly timed pregnancy coincided with my licensing exam which coincided with a maternity leave which led to the ability to launch a private practice while still at home. I was then able to live the life I've dreamed and worked toward for the last 10 years: being home to raise my children while scheduling my own work hours.

Up until now, it has felt like the ideal timeline was obvious. Now? I don't have a damn clue. When is the perfect time to have a second child? When should we move? What's the best time to list our condo? Where should we move?

I guess it's time for trying out that whole let life happen thing.