Monday, November 25, 2013

Running in Circles

A few days ago I discovered that Baby Fix-It completely cracks up when I run around in circles. Good thing, because that's about all it feels like we've been doing lately. Metaphorically, that is.

I hope our life always feels full and busy. I look forward to days of a house full of kids: running between sports practices, play dates, school, friends, family, the whole shebang. Right now, though, full and busy seems a little different. Mondays Mr. Fix-It has class (Master's Degree), I see clients Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and by Thursday we finally sit down to a meal as a family and just crash on the sofa. Lately, our suitcases are barely unpacked before we're off to somewhere else. Once weekly swim class seems to pop up again before last week's towels are even dry (maybe I'm just behind on my laundry...)

This morning I had an appointment. Mr. Fix-It had a conference call. He was going to bring me, get some paperwork signed, take Baby Fix-It home, I'd take a cab back to our place, and we'd run out the door to swim class. Then we shuffle home, pack for Thanksgiving, Mr. Fix-It runs to class until 9:30pm, I'll get the house in order, and we set our alarms for 3:30am to hop on a plane in the morning.

Running in circles.

I love it, but life sure feels crazy.


  1. hope you make it before the bad weather sets in! Travel Safe!


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