Sunday, November 17, 2013

Baby's Favorite Toys 0-6 Months

If you're expecting, or need to buy a little one a holiday gift, this is a list of our favorite toys from ages 0-6 months. (I'm also working on compiling a list for 6-12 months!) When it came to babies and the registry process, I felt completely prepared with gear. But actual toys? I just wasn't sure. These are mostly things we stumbled upon that our little guy played with day after day after day.

1. Sunny Stroll Arch: BUY THIS. For serious. The arch clips on a car seat, bouncy chair, bumbo, stroller, you name it. Our baby loved this thing. Loooooooved it.

2. Sophie the Giraffe "So Pure" Teether: Most kids love the classic Sophie. This is a harder, smaller version. Baby Fix-It wound up preferring to gnaw on this one. So, if your kid doesn't seem especially into the original Sophie there is still hope. Bonus that it's small, doesn't squeak, and can be clipped on to things with a baby link.

3. Sassy Mirror: Great for tummy time. Tummy time = minutes of misery at our house. The mirror made it remotely more tolerable. Now, at age 12+ months the mirror still gets use during playtime.

4. Stack N' Nest Cups: There are a bunch of versions of these out there. This particular set seems especially easy to manipulate with baby hands. These are also a timeless toy and still get played with in our house often.

5. Melissa and Doug Crab: It's just one crab, the photo shows both sides (I know you were wondering). My Mom picked up this crab for Baby Fix-It. He wound up being a bit of a crabby baby in the early days, so this provided a lot of entertainment for me. I'd flip the sides back and forth, and often get a giggle. Or perhaps it was my "sad crab", "happy crab" faces that were entertaining. Regardless, this toy clipped on his stroller, carseat, play mat, and was delicious for chewing.

6. SkipHop Treetop Friends Activity Gym: This was a toy we were able to use from day 1. It was so amazing to watch as our baby went from noticing the toys, to reaching for them, to actively playing. By the time Baby Fix-It was sitting up (5-6 mos) this toy was packed away. Definitely worth it though, it got tons of use.

7. Wedgits: We received these in a gift bag from a baby event. Baby Fix-It LOVES these and still plays with them now. They're these soft plastic stacking style toy. We take these to keep busy during baby yoga (while I'm in downward dog) and all the other kids go nuts for them, too. Actually, I almost had a melt down when one of our pieces went missing last week. The box says for ages 2+; they work for any age in our experience.

And, because I only remembered after making the lovely collage above, I must add this guy to the list:

Ears to chew, jingle noises, crinkly feet, intriguing textures - what's not to love? Mortimer might actually rank #1 on the list. And to think HE WAS ALMOST FORGOTTEN. What were some of your baby's favorites?


  1. Thanks for this list! My husband actually added Mortimer and several of his friends to our baby registry. I had no idea what they were, but I'm glad to hear he was so popular with your little one!

  2. Mortimer! My little guy just turned 5 months and has been loving him for a while now. Those feet are almost always shoved into his mouth. We also just got him the sassy mirror and he seems to enjoy it. He isn't too into the original Sophie, so we'll have to try the "so pure" one. Thanks!

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