Thursday, October 3, 2013

Daily Coffee

Every day, literally every day, Baby Fix-It and I go out for morning coffee. We live next door to a Starbucks so it's very hard to resist swinging by whenever the desire strikes. One part of this ritual is about starting my day with some delicious java. The other part is a bit bigger.

The baristas at our Starbucks saw me just about every day of my pregnancy, noticed when my order changed (to reduce caffeine consumption), and then met baby Fix-It when we rolled in at 4 days old. They know us by name, they know our order, and they have literally watched my baby boy grow up this past year.

We have also made friends with other moms and kids who have a similar routine. There's a big patio outside and I joke that baby Fix-It thinks it's our yard and the customers have come to visit him.

For me, it's a start to the day. We get dressed. We breathe some fresh air. We are greeted by friendly faces. We fill our tummies. It's like a daily cup of mental health.