Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthday Wishlist: For a One Year Old

Last night I said to Mr. Fix-It, "Thank goodness someone has a birthday coming up. I am getting SO BORED of his toys!" He, of course, laughed at me and reminded me that the toys are for the baby. True. But he also knew what I meant.

In many ways, I feel like we have city living down to a science. We have found ways to expertly store baby gear, and I've worked hard on self-restraint when it comes to spending. Most of baby Fix-Its toys are small and portable. We rotate the toys we bring along in the stroller, car, on trips, and in the living room and nursery. So why are there three obviously large items on this list? It's a wishlist. Let's have fun.

1. Little Blue Truck. Two of my best friends who have little boys simply could not believe that we don't have a copy of this book. Supposedly it's adorable and has a good moral.

2. Baby Einstein Count and Discover Treasure Chest. Baby Fix-It has just entered the stage of "put it in, dump it out". He is completely fascinated by the cause and effect. He played with this at a friend's house and was mesmerized.

3. Land of Nod A Teepee to Call Your Own: Baby Fix-It is just a tiny bit too young to appreciate this tent. But it is so darn adorable. As a kid I know I would have found this totally magical to have in my bedroom.

4. App Store Gift Card. I'm pretty conscious of "screen time", but I can't deny my kid's interest in the iPhone/iPad. I'm the daughter of a computer scientist, grew up with more access to technology than most kids, and feel that I've turned into a normal and balanced person. I guess what I'm saying is that I believe in having a kid who is technology literate but not obsessive. So, the fact that my 11 month old can unlock an iDevice, find "his" page of apps, launch them, and appropriately utilize them is a win in my book. But I keep an eye on it.

5. Play Tunnel. Our little guy was slow to crawl. He seemed like a kid who would be an early walker and skip crawling all together. He had finally did figure out crawling and a play tunnel would help him to continue to develop this skill.

6. Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair. I adore these chairs. They are so cute and very Montessori-ish. You know, your kid can access and utilize it independently. Our little bookworm would surely enjoy sitting in this chair and reading his books.

What are some other one year old must haves?


  1. thank you for this! my nephew turns 1 a few weeks after your sweet baby, and I was at a complete loss on what to buy. i think he needs that personalized chair (as does your baby!)

  2. I LOVE The Little Blue Truck book. So cute!

  3. I had a little armchair like that when I was little, fluffy and pink, of course! I think that started my life as a bookworm.

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