Friday, August 16, 2013

Little Boy Shoes

Kids are weird. They just are. Ideally, hilariously weird.

Have I told you this story before? I'm pretty sure I haven't. So, I've always loved shoes. When I was a kid there was a children's shoe store on Hope Street in Providence called Lad and Lassie. When my Mom would take me there for new shoes you'd think it was Christmas. Be still my heart. Art was our usual salesman. Ah, memories.

I'd try on a number of shoes, excitedly walking about the store. When it came time to buy the shoes I was always given a choice: I could either wear the shoes out of the store or I could save them for later. What did saving them mean? It meant they were still squeaky clean so I was allowed to WEAR THEM TO BED. Guess which option I chose? That's right, the best part of getting new shoes was sniffing that new sneaker smell while in dreamland. I think I did this until I was at least 8.

So, it should be no surprise that I got pretty jazzed about buying our little boy some shoes. Here's a roundup of my favorites:

1 Bobux // 2 SeeKaiRun // 3 Converse // 4 Tevas // 5 TOMS // 6 Adidas

Do you remember your favorite childhood shoes? No, just me? Mine were these:

Pink Gemstone Moccasins. One day, at preschool one of the gemstones fell out. I spent the remainder of recess searching and searching for it. I was devastated. It was gone. They were ruined. I eventually found a similar gemstone that I begged my Dad to superglue in place. But they were never the same. I convinced my Mom that the shoes had to be replaced. THANK GOD. Then I had my "bad" shoes that I wasn't afraid to wear at the playground, and my "good" ones for special occasions. I know. I know. Hilariously weird.

Thursday, August 8, 2013