Monday, July 29, 2013

Not A Baby

This weekend, during a long car ride, I found myself lost in thought about this little boy of mine.

"I'd be so heartbroken if he was our last baby instead of our first" I thought. As he becomes more and more of a toddler each day I think about the baby he never was. Baby Fix-It was born alert. Wide eyed. Curious. Passionate. Expressive. Independent. I love him for all these things. I marvel at his determination.

Each time he acquires a new skill he is so proud of himself. Each time he catches someone's attention he bursts with happiness. He waves. He's been on a mission to walk since he was 7 months old. He marvels at older kids. A pacifier? Never. Cuddles? No time for that. Crawling? Psssssh. I walk, remember?

It's taken me until now to figure out why this little boy of mine was so miserable during his first few months in the world: he simply didn't like being a baby.

I'm so glad you're my first born, little boy. You can lead the pack. But take your time. That great big world will be waiting for you even if you want to slow down a little.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Uniform

Everyday. Everyday. Evvvvvvvvveryday.

I've simultaneously perfected the "cute-slightly-sporty" mom look and also fallen into a deep rut. Send help. Mr. Fix-It might even compensate you.