Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Time Capsule

Whenever I'm in the presence of someone who knows how to use a camera, I try to be mindful of grabbing a few family photos.

Looking back at my own childhood, some of my favorite pictures are ones I have with my parents and sister.

Our computer and SD cards are nearly maxed out with photos of baby Fix-It. The three of us together? Those are harder to come by.

Photos are little, magical time capsules.

 That day in March when we were a family of 3 with a 4 month old baby? Already gone. Just like that. And yet, that morning is preserved forever. Our family. Our little family - all together, smiling, happy.


  1. And what a beautiful family, too. You are so smart to make sure that you are in the pictures, too. I spent my kids' growing-up-years hiding from the camera, and now when I'm gone (years, and years, and years from now, I hope!) they won't have any photos of me for memories.

  2. He is so adorable in his little sweater with that big grin!