Thursday, June 27, 2013


Lately, I've been thinking a lot about putting down roots.

Since moving to Chicago, I have had 9 different addresses in 13 years. Sure, 4 of those were just switching dorms in college, but you know what I mean. At the time, I loved being portable. I had these purple rubbermaid bins (still do actually) that I knew could contain my entire life. Pack them up, put gas in the car, and I could go anywhere. It was the most exciting and freeing feeling I could imagine.

Time has helped us become established adults. Homeowners, living with "real" furniture, and fancy wedding china in our cabinets. I don't miss the idea of complete freedom, and now I have different needs.

 Our time in this condo won't last forever. We never had the plan of raising a family in just a little over a thousand square feet.

When I nannied in college, there was a family that lived on a perfect street. Before seeing it myself, I didn't know these places really existed. If you were playing in the yard, or out for a walk, 2 or 3 other kids would appear. We'd all make our way to the park. Or set up a picnic lunch. If it was late enough in the day one of the moms would whip up margaritas. A dad would offer to fire up the grill. The kids would run through a sprinkler.

So, while I daydream about a house, it's really the roots I desire. Lasting friendships, the chaos of a house full of kids, sleepovers, cookouts, and a neighborhood. People. People whose lives intertwine with our own. "You take the kids there. We'll meet for coffee here. What should we serve at our dinner party?" type stuff. 

It's about quality of life. A sense of belonging. A place to raise a family. 

Have you put down roots?


  1. Yup ;) so deep in fact we just bought a home down the street (a bit bigger) because we love our neighborhood and friends SO much! We hardly go outside our hood because everything is right here. As soon as I found our neighborhood, I knew it was home. :)

  2. Such a great post! I crave that too. We live in a pretty awful little town right now but there is one neighborhood that is everything you've described here. So although I won't be staying in this town, if I were to, that is the neighborhood I would want to be in!