Friday, June 14, 2013

Five on a Friday

1. A while ago, I asked how you used your washi tape. I found a way to unleash my washi excitement - Baby Fix-Its baby book! I'm really proud of myself for not only keeping current with the baby book, but also for how cute it looks.

2. We gave Baby Fix-It his first taste of peanut butter yesterday. The latest research suggests that an early introduction of scary allergen foods may be better than the previous thought of waiting. He definitely enjoyed his peanut butter toast, and we were relieved that he didn't die. BUT THEN Mr. Fix-It gave him a bite of egg that evening (without thinking). Parents of the year over here, I tell ya. Let's just give our kid ALL the scary foods in one day. He's fine, I wasn't actually worried, but maybe we could be a little more careful.

3. I've developed a mild obsession with painting my toes a salmon color. I think I've had a variation of pink-salmon and orangey-salmon on my toes for the last 3 months straight.

4. I have a serious issue with mailing out gifts on time. Why do I wait until the last minute?! It's such a bad habit, and I annoy myself with this. Event Saturday? Gee, I should swing by the Post Office on Thursday afternoon. Surely it will make it on time. Am I that much a product of our instant-living? Not all mail is Amazon Prime, self.

5. Last week I posted these super cute shorts I found for Baby Fix-It at Kohls. The lovely people at Kohls offered our readers 10% off any order through July 11 using discount code BLOGGER10. Yay! Go shop!


  1. I've read the same information on allergenic foods! We're doing baby-led solids with our 6.5 month old and will probably do the same thing with introducing those things earlier than later. He's already had a little egg yolk, but not the whites yet. And I feel ya on the mailing things out on time. I've already had to apologize to our dads and explain that they'll be getting their cards late!

  2. I curious to know what you are using as your baby book? I've been looking for one for a while... thank you!


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