Friday, June 7, 2013

Five on a Friday

OHMIGAAAAH. I found an excuse to blog. Some lovely bloggers (The Good Life, A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm and Hello! Happiness have started doing catch-all posts called "5 on a Friday". I'm joining in!

1. Why is it that once you realize you need a haircut, it makes you completely nutty until you get one? Within the last 24 hours I got all haircut-crazy and haaaaaad to book an appointment last night. I found an adorable new stylist who gave me a fantastic bob.

2. A conversation I recently had with my mother:
     "Honey, you still have your slippers on."
     "No, these are TOMS."
     "Does TOMS make slippers?"

3. Boy Clothes. I love dressing our little boy. But for real, it's hard to find non-cheesy boy clothes. The dump trucks and "100% adorable" stuff is on everything. I recently found the above shorts at Kohl's (Kohl's!) for $5.99. I may or may not have grabbed some in a larger size for next summer too.

4. I need to start shooting more photography sessions. I really enjoy it! I think my skill set is improving. ...but then I get all self conscious that I'm just another annoying "Mom-tog" who thinks that owning a nice camera means she should be a photographer. I'm pretty sure the way to get over that is to get behind the camera more and more.

5. My child is obsessed with technology. I'm sure most parents would say their kids are really into all that stuff - remotes, phones, iPads, etc. But does your kid hyperventilate and drool at the sight of a laptop? No, really, do they?


  1. Love your haircut! Wish we all blogged more still (including me- ha!)!

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