Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Name

Thank goodness we had a boy. When it came to choosing a name for baby Fix-It, our boy name was mutually agreed upon long before I was even pregnant. A girl name? ohmylawd.

Do you have one of those husbands whose only contribution to baby naming was saying "no"? I mean, really, if you are going to say no to my 1,002 ideas you have to at least come up with a suggestion. "Annie. I had a crush on an Annie in 3rd grade" he offered. Great, honey. Let's name our imaginary daughter after your third grade crush. How meaningful.

So, as I said, thank goodness we had a boy. We'll have to save the Amelia/Finley/Emerson/Eloise/Olivia/Quinn/Kate debate for another day.

Because baby Fix-It's name is unique (but not unheard of) here are some answers to questions I frequently receive:

     Did you go to school there? Is that where you met your husband?
Nope. And "Northwestern" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

     Is it a family name?
Yes. It's my maiden name.

     So, are you southern? That's a really southern thing to do.
Nope. Not in the least bit. But we loved the idea of using a family name.

     Does he have a nickname?
For now, we mostly use his full name. I REALLY want him to be called "Ford", which I think he'll grow into once he's a little older. Sometimes Mr. Fix-It calls him "Stanny" which is adorable and 100% awful.

     How did you pick it?
I have known people to use maiden names somewhere in their kid's name - first, middle, hyphenated. I really liked the idea of using a name that had meaning, especially since my father and his brother only had daughters.

     Will you use family names for future kids?
Maybe. No need to decide just yet!


  1. Sorry for asking you on Instagram the other day after you posted photos from the Stanford bookstore! :-P

    1. Don't apologize! I'm happy to share :) And you're not the only one who's asked!

  2. We're having the exact opposite dilemma as you! We have a girl's name picked out long ago, but we're having a boy!

  3. What an awesome family connection for baby Fix-it! We plan on using my husband's grandfathers' names for boy middle names. I think we will use my grandmother's middle name for a girl's middle name.

  4. I have a weirdly strong attachment to my maiden name, so when I got married, I made it my second middle name. I would like my maiden name to be a part of our future children's names, too, but it's definitely not first name material. My dad and uncles also only have girls, so there is nobody to carry on the name. I just need to convince my husband that it's OK for a child to have a different-than-usual middle name!

  5. I would love to use my grandmother's maiden name if we ever have a daughter! But I don't know if hubs will be on board with it since it's not a "traditional" name, and he thinks I'm weird for wanting to name our kids something unique.

  6. I love his name! And I hear of women using their maiden name in their baby's name quite frequently, I think its a great idea!

  7. My husband also only said 'no' when we talked about baby names! He is also resistant to using any name that belongs to any family member he knows or may have heard of, which is unusual as I think many people use family names. I actually share a name with my maternal grandmother and an aunt on either side. The name we ended up with for our daughter is one that he initially vetoed (many years ago... I don't think we were even married yet!) but I worked on him and now he loves it!