Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Name

Thank goodness we had a boy. When it came to choosing a name for baby Fix-It, our boy name was mutually agreed upon long before I was even pregnant. A girl name? ohmylawd.

Do you have one of those husbands whose only contribution to baby naming was saying "no"? I mean, really, if you are going to say no to my 1,002 ideas you have to at least come up with a suggestion. "Annie. I had a crush on an Annie in 3rd grade" he offered. Great, honey. Let's name our imaginary daughter after your third grade crush. How meaningful.

So, as I said, thank goodness we had a boy. We'll have to save the Amelia/Finley/Emerson/Eloise/Olivia/Quinn/Kate debate for another day.

Because baby Fix-It's name is unique (but not unheard of) here are some answers to questions I frequently receive:

     Did you go to school there? Is that where you met your husband?
Nope. And "Northwestern" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

     Is it a family name?
Yes. It's my maiden name.

     So, are you southern? That's a really southern thing to do.
Nope. Not in the least bit. But we loved the idea of using a family name.

     Does he have a nickname?
For now, we mostly use his full name. I REALLY want him to be called "Ford", which I think he'll grow into once he's a little older. Sometimes Mr. Fix-It calls him "Stanny" which is adorable and 100% awful.

     How did you pick it?
I have known people to use maiden names somewhere in their kid's name - first, middle, hyphenated. I really liked the idea of using a name that had meaning, especially since my father and his brother only had daughters.

     Will you use family names for future kids?
Maybe. No need to decide just yet!