Thursday, January 31, 2013


Sweet little boy, 3 months have already passed! I love watching you grow.

And we couldn't love you more.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Free Fall

Who doesn't fear failure? I mean, really. No one sets out on something huge and says, "well, whatever". Or if they do, I can't relate.

So, I've been working on this thing - my life, specifically - since I packed my bags for Northwestern in 2000. It was there, during my undergrad degree completion, that I realized what I wanted most for myself: a family and a career I love. And I also came to understand that to the be the wife and mother I desired, I would need a career that offered me flexibility.

For all of my (albeit brief) adult life, I've been working at those two things: a family and a career. And it happened perfectly. I met a boy, shared in the most beautiful wedding, and made a wonderful little baby. Meanwhile, I got a Master's Degree, worked as a therapist, and earned licensure. For everything I've done there have been steps, timing, and a plan. There has always been another hurdle on the horizon. Finish my hours, so I can take the exam. Wait for the call that you're actually pregnant. You know, stuff like that. "Someday we'll have a baby and I'll have my own therapy practice". Then that baby became a reality, as did leaving my non-flexible job.

I have officially turned in my two weeks notice. It's really happening. All of it. Everything I have worked toward, the final step in the process, is now. I've never been so excited and simultaneously terrified.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Direction

I'm not into New Year's Resolutions. I'm pretty bad at making long lists of goals and accomplishing them throughout the year. The reality is, giving this blog a design refresh and new direction is purely serendipitous timing with the New Year. But it was time.

When I first started blogging, it was a place of heart. I reconnected with one of my passions - writing - and made some amazing friends along the way. Now, I've fallen into a rut. I loved documenting my pregnancy. Sharing home improvement stories has been fun. It's wonderful to have a place to recap events. At some point, though, I lost track of my story.

A willingness to share a story ideally elicits conversation. Opinions come too. Judgement. Support. Loved ones become vulnerable. "Please don't share this on your blog..." "You wouldn't post this, right?". For some time now, I've been feeling censored. 

I'd be lying if I said I knew where this post was going. Or where this blog was going, really. It's going somewhere. I know it.