Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Six Week Survival Guide

Somehow, Baby Fix-It is already 6 weeks old! What?! I know! Those first weeks are harder and more wonderful than I had anticipated. So, here is a roundup of things that made those hard moments more wonderful. We've gotten a lot of use out of many baby products, but these 8 have proven to be the most essential.

1. Quinn Swivel Glider: We purchased our glider through a local Chicago boutique, Beautiful Beginnings. The best advice I have is to not cheap-out on a glider! Your bum will thank you. I have spent countless hours feeding and rocking Baby Fix-It in it. I've also "closed my eyes" and woken up 2+ hours later in this chair. It has gotten use every single day, and I'd buy it again without a doubt!

2. Cooshee Changer: The cooshee has become a craze in the past year. They're sold out everywhere, and I was only able to score one by ordering directly through the manufacturer. I'm so glad I did! My child has pooped, peed, and spit up on the changer repeatedly. Being able to wipe everything down versus dealing with additional laundry (at 3am, no less) is awesome. Every couple of days I give the changer a good scrub down to ensure it's nice and clean. Also, Baby Fix-It LOVES it! One minute he'll be all fussy, and as soon as we lay him down he's happy. We call it his "happy place".

3. iPhone: This one is for me. As much as I love feeding my baby and gazing into his eyes, sometimes I need to keep myself entertained. I have no idea what women did before smartphones - meditate perhaps? - but seriously, I get a lot of reading done on this thing and random hours of the day and night. Plus, I feel like I haven't lost all connection with the outside world.

4. Boppy Pillow: I wasn't a huge fan of the boppy in my nannying days. I found it awkward and uncomfortable. I'm not sure why this was the case, because now it has literally saved my back. I looooooove the boppy. Perhaps my previous discomfort was because I was bottle-feeding then versus breastfeeding now. (Maybe someone can weigh in on this?) Anytime I have to feed the little guy without the boppy I'm a little sad.

5. Snugabunny Swing: I don't love the idea of having to undo anything when it comes to parenting. But this swing has been a lifesaver. We owe 4, 5, and 6+ hour sleep stretches to this glorious creation. For now, Baby Fix-It does his first stretch of sleep in the swing, and then we move him to the crib after his first night feeding. So far it's working well, and I remind myself that I won't be sending him off to college in a swing. (Cue visual of me and Mr. Fix-It installing a hammock in a dorm room for our son). One tip: if you're buying a swing make sure it has a plug! Battery operated ones are just plain stupid.

6. Uppababy Vista: We love our uppababy! Baby Fix-It currently fits wonderfully in the bassinet. He's snoozed through many walks and meals in it. It's also perfect when we're out and about on the road - click in the carseat and we're good to go. The stroller handles beautifully and I think it's extremely well made. Plus, I have a personal hatred of umbrella strollers, so I'd like the Uppababy to be our one and only stroller. In fact, I already have the rumble seat for when we're talking baby 2!

7. iBaby Feed App: This was recommended to me through a friend of a friend. If you're breastfeeding, download this app. It's SUCH a great way to keep track of feedings!

8. Miracle Blanket: The miracle blanket is king. I love our A&A muslin blankets, and the flannel swaddle designs ones are great, but when it comes to keeping a little, wiggly, houdini baby tightly swaddled all night, you NEED one of these. Make sure to read the instructions, too! We initially weren't even using the arm flaps correctly. I've found the miracle blanket so essential that we ordered an extra in the event of a mid-night spit-up/poopsplosion. It's that good.

And since I love a good product list, I'll make sure to compile some of our favorite products moving forward, too! For the first 6 weeks, though, these are our absolute must-haves! Do you have any newborn products you swear by?