Monday, November 5, 2012

Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 40

Week 40 was certainly the most exciting one yet! Baby boy was born at 39 weeks and 3 days gestation. The days before his arrival were spent soaking in as much rest and relaxation as possible. Of course, if I really knew what sleep deprivation meant I probably would have found a way to hibernate those last few days!

Just after my 39 week OB appointment, a plan had been made with to induce on Monday, October 22. (Everything looked great, but not passing my due date had been part of the plan from day 1 based on the nature of the pregnancy). Mentally, having a "finish line" in sight was amazing. I held out some hope of going into labor on my own, but also felt as if a huge weight had been lifted in not having to wonder about the "ifs" and "whens".

By Saturday evening my Dad and sister had arrived in Chicago (my Mom had come the week before), and we spent Sunday making the most of our last day before baby. At the recommendation of friends, we went to the movies, went out for dinner, and wandered the city a bit. I felt calm and happy despite the looming unknowns. As the day wound down, Mr. Fix-It and I headed back to our condo and parted ways with my family. We made plans to meet up at the hospital the next day, and we were going to try to get a good night's sleep and enjoy some time together. Mr. Fix-It and I spent most of the evening in disbelief that we were really going to meet this baby. Finally!

Somehow I did manage to sleep that night, despite having some nerves creep in about the induction process (and the general prospect of labor and delivery). It was all starting to feel surreal. We climbed into bed early, and set our alarms were set for 4:45am the next morning...

(Mr. Fix-It and I are still deciding on the details of what we'll share on the blog as related to our little one. I'm working on coming up with a blog-nickname for him, so please don't use his name in the comments. We don't want our kid google-able just yet!)


  1. I am so excited to read your birth story and to find out what his blog nickname is :)

  2. I like the name---will he go by his first name or middle name? Just wondering because the first name is not that popular but the middle name is. Congrats!

  3. too cute! excited to read about your birth story (however much you would like to share)!

  4. Your son is one of the most darling babies I have ever seen in the blogosphere. Such a precious little boy!

  5. Sooo cute, you should call him Little V in blog world! How cute would that be :) Love love your 40 week pic

  6. Nice inspiring story there. Pregnancy stories gives such inspirational optimism for others.


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