Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 38

Week 38 (October 12 specifically) was a BIG milestone that I've been looking forward to for, well, since August. Week 38 meant the start of maternity leave! I spent the final two weeks of work semi-frantically wrapping up paperwork: client notes, transfer summaries, discharge papers, assessment reports, treatment reviews...the list goes on. Each night I'd review all the tasks I had to complete the next day, feel overwhelmed and anxious, and beg baby to stay put until at least October 13. Thankfully, little one cooperated.

Finishing work also meant no longer having to commute. I'd replayed a few scenarios in my mind of making my way back to the city while in labor. I wasn't entirely worried that I'd be in the situation, but really, you never know. I've had times where it's taken me just about two hours to get home. So I figured it's always best to have a plan. (And don't even get me started on the challenges in bladder holding during that drive). I'm done - amen!

People have started asking if I was feeling that things were "getting close". Physically, I've felt mostly the same. Baby's head is still low, I have occasional cramping, but I don't have any sort of sixth sense that this baby is showing up at any second. I think we're hanging tight for a bit longer. Mentally, though, YES. And no. I have these moments of thinking about how different things are *just* about to be, and then I also realize I'm in some bizarre state of denial. I swear I walk around totally forgetting that there is an actual baby on the way. Seriously, some nights I'll lay in bed and think to myself, "there's not really a baby in there". And then I wake up and have a quick moment of panic and think, "ohmigod, is the baby still there?!", and I check my belly and confirm that I am still, in fact, most likely quite pregnant. I was joking to colleagues that I may need to self-refer for a psych eval.

The reality is, though, getting to this phase of pregnancy just seems so unbelievable. Spending months and months imagining this tiny human in your life as a distant, unreachable thing suddenly shifting to a real, actual thing that IS HAPPENING is just more that I can comprehend. I don't think it will all entirely come together until I actually see this little one and hold him/her in my arms. We are SO CLOSE!


  1. Congrats on making it to maternity leave! People keep asking me how much longer I have left until my due date and the only thing I'm keeping track of is how many more days I have left of work LOL

    4 more weeks for me :)

  2. YOU ARE SO CLOSE! AND O M G how you so eloquently took every feeling and emotion and thought out of my mouth! We're about 36 weeks now... and THIS $#!T IS GETTING REAL!

  3. So close!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rest up now!

  4. soo soo very close. Enjoy these last moments. I can't wait to see baby!

  5. I can't wait for baby for arrive, but I know you also want to enjoy a few more (sort of) relaxing weeks before life changes.

  6. Congratulations on getting to maternity leave! That commute does not sound fun - sometimes a 30 minute car-ride without stopping to pee is tough for me! ;) (I am 30 weeks.)

    I love reading your updates - it gives me a taste of what I am in for in a few weeks. (And so far we have had similar pregnancies - third trimester has definitely hit me.)

    Wishing you a relaxing remainder of your pregnancy and easy labor!


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