Friday, October 5, 2012

Maternity Photos!

It's so wonderful to have talented friends! A while back fellow Weddingbee blogger, Mrs. Snapdragon, aka Penny, asked if we might "swap" photos. She had an upcoming event that she wanted documented, and in exchange she would shoot a session for me and Mr. Fix-It. While I wasn't available to photograph her event, I still took her up on the offer for a maternity shoot! So, basically, I totally owe her!

A few weekends ago, Mr. Fix-It and I got up on a Saturday morning, showered, and did our best to look pretty. (And yes, my pink accessories and his blue sweater were intentional. He's convinced we're having a boy, and my guess changes like the wind, but that day I was voting girl.)

Here are some of the highlights of our photoshoot by Lake Michigan!

I'm so glad to have these photos! I'm sure in just a few short weeks we'll look back and barely be able to remember when life was just the two of us.


  1. These are beautiful! I love the iphone one!

  2. LOVEEE!!!! You look gorg mama!!!!

  3. You look beautiful!! I love the photos and the background of the city. I love the ultrasound picture on your phone in front of your belly instead of the standard photo in front of the belly. :)

  4. Beautiful photos! I love that you wore your "guesses!"

  5. Um...that iPhone photo is epic. So awesome. Totally pinning it AND I'm done having babies.

  6. beautiful! you guys look terrific, and snapdragon did an awesome job.

  7. So beautiful! These will be so nice to look back on. I love the Chicago skyline in the background. :)

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