Monday, September 17, 2012

What's In My Hospital Bag?

Last week, I met a colleague for lunch. Her due date was just a few days before my own. The next day I received an e-mail saying that she'd had her little boy! Even though most babies don't arrive at 35 weeks, I suddenly felt as though it's really time to be prepared for our little one's arrival. So now, our hospital bags are officially packed.

1. Comfy Cotton Yoga Pants (2): As much as I love my Lululemon, I opted to pack two pairs of soft, breathable, loose yoga pants for the hospital. One pair of cropped, one full length.

2. Nursing Tanks (2): I've been told that nursing tanks are far more practical for the hospital than nursing bras. They allow you to be discreet when visitors are around and give you one less thing to manage.

3. Toiletries: My toiletry bag is ready to go! Items include: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, hair ties, etc.

4. Pillow: I'll be taking one pillow from home. One great tip I received is to make sure to bring a distinct pillow case so it doesn't get lost among hospital items.

5. Camera: This one is a no-brainer. I've got an empty SD card ready to go, and a fully charged battery. We'll also have our cell phones, chargers, and Mr. Fix-It will likely have a laptop.

6. Flip Flops: To keep my feet protected from hospital floors and showers.

7. Lanisoh Lanolin Cream: I've heard in the early days of nursing, you want to use cream every time you feed, no matter what.

8. Hairbrush

9. Straightner

10. Bath Robe: I splurged on a nice robe. Hopefully it will help me look a little more put together post-delivery. I also imagine I'll be spending lots of time in it in those early days at home.

1. Pacifier and Strap: Probably totally unnecessary, but I threw it in the bag anyway. I do think I'll appreciate baby's paci not rolling around on the hospital floor, though.

2. Baby Gown with Cuff (2): I packed two thinking they'll be good to have for when we're hanging out in the room before heading home. I made sure to choose gowns with cuffs so that we can protect baby's face from accidental scratches.

3. Booties: We have a hand knit pair from a family friend. They're just too cute and if baby is anything like its Mommy, it will perpetually have chilly feet.

4. Burp Cloths: Maybe superflous, but again, if baby is anything like its Mommy it will be a bit of a puker.

5. Going Home Outfit: I found a similar kimono-style outfit at Nordstrom several months back. It's super soft, gender-neutral, and timeless. I can't wait to put it on baby! And I'll admit, I also snuck a blue cap and pink bow in the bag so our baby can look like a boy or girl.

6. Boppy: I'm bringing the boppy. Great for hospital guests and middle of the night feedings.

7. Nail Clipper: Some newborns have pretty scratchy nails. If baby's need a little trim, we'll be ready.

8. Swaddle blankets: I've packed these exact two for our little one. I'm secretly thinking the purple will be for a girl and the teal for a boy. But of course, I purchased both knowing they're pretty neutral and they'll see plenty of use.

9. Baby Book: I'm bringing our baby book to the hospital in the event the nurses are nice enough to imprint baby footprints in it. Also, we can have family sign and if I need a project (ha!) I can start entering basic info. 

 And those are the basics! What was in your hospital bag? Have any packing tips for first time parents?


  1. Great little list! I definitely recommend a couple of gowns... Dr's like to have easy access to down there :) so I have bought a few really cute soft ones off of etsy- cause we all know how awesome the ones they give you at the hospital

  2. Great little list! I definitely recommend a couple of gowns... Dr's like to have easy access to down there :) so I have bought a few really cute soft ones off of etsy- cause we all know how awesome the ones they give you at the hospital

  3. You might want to pack a cotton dress or some loose, high waisted pants, just in case you have a c-section. I meant to put a dress in my bag and forgot, so I had to go home in my husband's pajama pants because they were the only ones that didn't irritate my incision. Not the look I was going for in our 'going home' pictures!

  4. how very exciting! I love that you got yourself a nice robe.

  5. Looks like you've got all of the important stuff without overpacking! I looked at 100+ lists of what people brought to the hospital before packing our bags which probably wasn't necessary at all!

    1. Thanks! I think I've looked at 100 lists too. It took a while to narrow down!

  6. Yeah, I second the vote for packing gowns, or as they told us in my birthing class, a skirt and tank pajama-type situation for labor/delivery. That way you don't have to wear the icky hospital gown, but docs and nurses still have access, and they can check things in your upper region without having to pull your gown all the way up.

  7. In my husband's bag, we also packed some snacks and change for a vending machine (really helpful if you deliver in the middle of the night and the cafeteria is closed!). What I recommend most is packing an empty duffle bag - you will be able to take home so much stuff (diapers, wipes, stuff for you, etc) from the hospital that you'll need an extra bag! I wrote up a complete list of what we brought and what we ended up using here:

  8. What kind of baby book is that? I am still looking for one!

    Sounds like you are all prepared! I can't wait to see if Baby Fix-It is a boy or a girl!!! :)

  9. Looks great. I wish I would have brought a nursing tank to the hospital. I do think that on the baby list- 6-9 might be over kill. Just a thought!! So excited for ya!

    1. Not necessarily over kill at all. I actually used items 6-8 at the hospital myself. Every birth and experience is different and it isn't hurting anyone to be prepared :)

  10. So much information!!!!! You seem to be really on top of everything. So excited, can't believe how close October is!?!?

  11. I will recommend more pants and/or night gown. I don't want to freak you out but as soon as you give birth you will experience a very Very extremely heavy period. I don't want to scared you but I wished I brought more pants/undies. :/
    TMI mine was so bad that they needed to change the sheets. Does anyone else experience this? I heard is happens all the times.

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