Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 30

Yikes! I've fallen behind. I'll catch you up on the last two weeks as soon as possible. I know, you've been just dying of curiosity wondering what I've been up to.

Week 30 brought another baby shower! This time, we celebrated with Mr. Fix-Its side of the family in Chicago. I can't even begin to tell you how simply gorgeous everything was - I'll just have to show you in photos soon! I will! Promise.

 Look how lovely!

My Mom flew out to join us for the shower. It was a treat to show her the nursery and run lots of baby-related errands. Frankly, I can't imagine we'll ever need another thing but somehow we managed to pick up a few odds and ends. After two baby showers, some incredibly generous gifts, we might be ready to send this kid off to college.

As for me and the little one, things are still going wonderfully. I've still been feeling some HUGE movements from our wiggle worm - suddenly this baby feels BIG. And of course, s/he is only going to get bigger! I've heard from here on out, babies gain about an ounce per day or approximately a half pound per week.


  1. beautiful mama! beautiful shower!!

  2. You look wonderful, shower looks wonderful and SO happy you are feeling so great. We are getting crazily close!

  3. You are looking so beautiful, and the shower looks incredible!

  4. GORGEOUS!!! I can't believe that is a picture from Chicago, I was like... wait is she in the tropics? You are rocking the maxi dresses. Congrats on being done with showers... now it's NESTING TIME!

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