Monday, July 9, 2012

Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 24

While I was in Rhode Island last weekend, Mr. Fix-It was hard at work with nursery preparations. (My "pregnancy weeks" start on Fridays, so recapping each week is a little confusing. Technically he worked on the nursery during week 24, so I'm posting about it now. Totally straightforward, right?) By now, you're likely wondering what in the world we're doing in there. Finally, it's a completely empty and painted room. Before, it was a major hodgepodge of office/guestroom/random storage. It feels so wonderful to have a clean slate in there! Now that Mr. Fix-It has completed his part, it's my turn to have some fun: decorating! That's a separate post for a separate day, though. More soon!

Pregnancy wise, things are still swimming along. Baby is a great little kicker and seems to be doing its thing. A few weeks ago I suddenly felt much bigger, but the feeling has tapered off again. It seems like I grow in spurts. I heard something recently about "popping" three times during a pregnancy - first when you get your little bump and your pants stop buttoning, then when you actually pop and have a noticeable bump, and finally towards the very end when you're sporting a serious basketball/watermelon as a belly. I'm in phase two - for sure.

Of note, I realized I have had a pregnancy craving! GREEK FOOD. There have now been 3 occasions during this pregnancy when Greek food sounded better than anything on earth. It wasn't like a 3am pickles and ice cream sort of thing, but a definite, obvious, slather-it in-tzatziki-please moment. YUM.

Now, a few questions and answers:
  • How Far Along: 24 Weeks! When people ask and I say "6 months" I feel so legit!
  • Weight Gain: 8lbs and holding steady. Wondering if at some point I'll just explode. Hoping not. 
  • Gender: Not finding out. And, as more time passes the more I honestly have no clue.
  • Movement: Lots! Baby is a little kicker, and there are definite patterns to the movement. It's so fun to notice daily mellow times and active times - right on schedule!
  • Sleep: Hit or miss. I'm usually taking a few bathroom breaks in the middle of the night. My only complaint is that sometimes I'll get up and then be wide awake. For hours. Other nights I have no problem falling back to sleep. Overall though, I feel sufficiently rested and energetic.
  • What I Miss: Being able to move quickly. I recently "ran" out to my car to close the windows when it was raining and I realized how long it had been since I was so speedy. Now, if I go from sitting to walking quickly, my stomach gets REALLY heavy and tight. I googled, supposedly those are Braxton Hicks contractions? Who knew!?
  • Cravings: Greek food! Not often, but it has TOTALLY hit the spot a few times.
  • Symptoms: I wouldn't say I have any "symptoms". The walking-fast-stomach-tightening thing is probably about it right now. And the being wide awake at 3am.
  • Best Moment of the Week: Seeing how much progress we've made in the nursery!


  1. you look so beautiful!! I can't wait to see your nursery. I want to find your pinterest! there is a link to mine. I don't know how to share it otherwise?

  2. I'm excited to see your nursery too! I really like that color you picked out!

  3. I can't wait to see the nurserrrryyyyyyy!!!! And you look so great. I want that dress. Anddddd now I want Greek food. Maybe I am having a sympathetic (not real) pregnancy, lol!

  4. sounds like things are going really well--so happy for you!

  5. I love reading about your pregnancy week by week! What an amazing pregnancy craving to have, too!