Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 23

Week 23 left me with a great story for baby: we wound up sleeping on the floor at an airport. Long story short, I attempted to fly from Chicago to Providence Thursday evening after work. The entire airport shut down and all flights were cancelled due to electrical issues (the airfield lost power). We sat on the plane for 3 hours, hoping the lights would come back on. By 1:30am we got the official word no planes would be leaving. Standby lines opened up 2 hours before departure, so I decided to wait it out and get in the standby line at 3:55am for a 5:55am flight. "Sleeping on the floor" is a bit of an exaggeration - I laid down for about two hours and probably fell asleep for 20 minutes. The WORST part of the story was that the morning flight didn't have any room for standbys, so I went back home exhausted and defeated. On top of it all, I was traveling home to spend the weekend with my sister so my parents could enjoy a trip with friends. I finally made it in on Saturday morning, but their travel was effected too. Ugh!

Otherwise, week 23 was great. Baby and I had a routine doctor's appointment and everything looks good. Baby's little heartbeat is strong at 148 BPM and my belly is measuring right on schedule. My official weight gain is at 8lbs, which makes me believe more than ever in trusting my body. By this point, many women have gained more, and it's likely that they should. At our discharge from the fertility clinic, the doctor gave me a once-over and said, "You are NOT having a 50lb pregnancy". I agreed, knowing that no good of a significant gain would come for me or the baby. He then made a slightly chauvinistic joke about being a "hot mom in a bikini", but we'll just ignore that. When I followed up with my OB she advised that I just go with the flow, and suggested that the range of 25lbs would be ideal. As of this week, she suggested I may be able to come in at less than 20. Only time will tell!

Invitations to our Rhode Island baby shower went out this week as well. They are unbelievably cute, and I am in total shock that people have already started sending gifts! Something about having a car seat, bouncy seat, and other toys in our home just makes everything seem that much more real. Here's a peek at what has arrived already!

1. Sunny Stroll Toy: Clips on to the bouncy seat or car seat (or whatever else!)

2. Baby Bjorn Babysitter

3. Wubbanub Giraffe

4. Chicco Key Fit 30 in Fuego

5. Itzbeen Infant Care Timer

6. Beco Gemini in Nova

Do we need anything else? Seems like we could get by on all this alone!


  1. Ugh that STINKS that your trip got so messed up! But glad you made it. And SO happy for you on the weight gain #'s. Keep up the amazing cookin', girl!

  2. I'm sorry you had to "sleep" on the floor! That's never fun, and I can't imagine it was better being pregnant. I'm glad you were eventually able to make it to Providence.

    It looks like your baby is already so loved!

    Lauren @ Cardigans and Cameras

  3. oh that airport experience sounds really rough! glad you made it through okay. how exciting about the baby shower!