Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Inspiration for Baby's Nursery

When we agreed to not find out the sex of our baby, I thought picking nursery elements would be one of the biggest challenges. Granted, it's a baby, so that's probably enough of a theme right there. I knew I didn't want something that went the obvious route of gender neutral - I wanted something fun and playful that could be tailored over time to look more feminine or masculine.

I eventually stumbled upon nurseries in aqua and yellow and fell in love. So bright! So playful! It made for an easy decision.


{all photos via Pinterest}

So, this is the look and feel we're going for. In fact, Mr. Fix-It's Dad held on to his (now vintage) Jenny Lind crib from when Mr. Fix-It was a baby! At one point we were hoping to refinish it and paint it yellow, just like the photo above. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a good resource on how to complete the project safely (since babies chew on the crib rails, scary toxic paint chips, etc) so we decided to go for something that was up to current codes.


In pursuit of The Perfect Aqua, we looked at about a million paint chips and posted them all over our walls. In the end, I was leaning toward a more green-ish tone, and Mr. Fix-It liked a more blue-ish one. Thankfully, I went with his choice because in the end it's EXACTLY what I was hoping it would be. Behold, our paint color:

Behr's Teal Ice


Choosing fabrics wound up being the hardest part of the entire process. I originally wanted to do a yellow chevron for the curtains and other bold yellows throughout. Mr. Fix-It really wasn't into the chevron pattern, so we compromised on yellow stripes. The clovers were an easy choice as a compliment, and then I added the greenish yellow pattern to round off the look.

from top:
Taza Color Stripe in Yellow, Joel Dewberry Heirloom Jade, Taza Tarika in Yellow


For our furniture, we opted to shop through a local boutique. I'm so glad we did! They were just wonderful and I loved that we were supporting a small business owner. I'm really excited about our furniture, and these photos really don't do the pieces justice.
The Lucca Collection by Pali Furniture


 To tie everything together, we're going to do a subtle Hot Air Balloon Theme in the room. The mobile below has been ordered (in yellow and aqua of course!) and I'm still considering what we'll do for prints and other accents. The growth chart was a must - I've seen them in a few nurseries, and I love that it can travel in the event that you move. Plus it's canvas, so baby can't tear it apart.

 {all items via Etsy}

And that's our inspiration for baby's nursery! We're so excited to see it all come together. Up next, we'll FINALLY share the big closet project!


  1. I love the yellow! Perfectly gender neutral and you can add other colors once baby is here. I find it hilarious that I had those fabrics in my inspiration photo. How random! I love how you are using them. It's going to be gorgeous!

  2. Oh gosh, I love this. Love love love. Cannot wait to see it in practice! I really like the fabrics and how the yellow looks with the teal!

  3. I love, love, love the inspiration! Those colors are amazing together! I cannot WAIT to see how it all comes together!

  4. love the colors and inspiration! i'm very curious about this closet project now!

  5. busyjanie@yahoo.comJuly 11, 2012 at 11:47 AM

    I am really so delighted to see all of your choices. Most of all though, I can't wait to hold and see my grandbaby for the first time.

    Love from Mom

  6. I love it! Beautiful color choices :)

  7. Beautiful inspiration! I love the color scheme and can't wait to see it.

  8. Eek!! I love nursery inspiration and rooms! They are just so sweet and you can fill them with so many personal elements. I cannot wait to see yours all finished!

  9. Love love love! Can't wait to see the finished product! Your taste is fabulous!

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  11. I especially LOVE that balloon mobile! SO cute and creative. Don't yell at me if my imaginary baby has one in her/his nursery too... :)

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