Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 21

There were two pretty significant baby-related events that occurred this week. First, was our anatomy scan. The other was the completion of the nursery closet! We'll do a separate post on the closet (previews made their way to twitter and instagram, follow @thefixits) which Mr. Fix-It single-handedly completed.

The anatomy scan was really incredible. Baby looks perfectly healthy, and we got lots of glimpses at its cute little face, hands, feet, and growing body. When it came time to examine the spine and measure legs, Mr. Fix-It and I opted to look away in hopes of keeping baby's sex a surprise until we meet him/her.

After the scan, I asked Mr. Fix-It if he changed his guess about the baby's sex. He teased me that the face was obviously boy-ish, and I said that I thought it looked pretty girly. It goes to show that you can see what you want to see! But later, I was looking at the photos again and saw what Mr. Fix-It was noticing. So now, of course, I'm wondering if this little one is a boy after all. One thing is for sure: we agree that we will truly be surprised come October!

As usual, this week was uneventful in a good way. Only a few minor pregnancy symptoms have kicked in: I've started to have a little acid reflux when laying down for bed at night, so I've had to keep the TUMS handy. I'm thrilled I've made it this far without incident - I have a pretty nasty history with acid reflux - so I know I can survive some heartburn for the next several months. Also, in the reflux department, I've noticed that my gag reflex is pathetic in the morning. I've heard that pregnant women have this problem - often when brushing their teeth. For me, I frequently gag on my itsy bitsy thyroid pill that I take first thing, and occasionally throw it up. It's not my favorite occurrence, but all things considered I'll take it.

Overall, things are going wonderfully well. I've noticed that any feelings of stress and anxiety have almost entirely disappeared. During the first 18 weeks I probably googled some ridiculous symptom or feeling multiple times a day. Since the baby has started kicking, I feel repeatedly reassured that baby is doing just fine. At the time I knew I was being a little nutty, but I couldn't escape the worry and horror stories that seem to pop up everywhere. And, the googling led to some of the horror stories, so it was ultimately a nasty cycle. Being at the other end of worry is a nice place to be!


  1. Looking great, mama! So glad things are going well. The closet preview looks AMAZING. I need details! Our little girl could use some organization!

  2. You look great!!! I cannot imagine having nine months of guessing- but what an amazing surprise it will be! Can't wait to hear how what you think it is changes and find out who is right!

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