Monday, June 11, 2012

Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 20

Week 20 was a doozy! Fortunately baby is doing just fine, but MAN!, did I have a week. Work was crazy in every possible way, and clients were particularly challenging. I have noticed that my boundaries have shifted since becoming pregnant, and I am much more deliberate in my decisions to protect myself. A small example is that I'm now unwilling to book clients back-to-back-to-back and shove lunch in my face when I have a quick second. It feels really good! And of course, I do see the total irony in preaching self-care to my clients and then doing the opposite... No more, I say!

On to baby: I will remember week 20 for two reasons. One, it's the HALFWAY point! So exciting! And two, my body upped the ante on its "preparations". Let's just say that sometimes things leak. I'm glad to know my child will not starve.

Tomorrow is our anatomy scan! This is usually the point in pregnancy when parents find out the sex of the baby. Since we're opting to be surprised, I figured you could guess along with us!  Can't wait to see what you think.

Here are the "clues" that I have so far:

Mommy's Intuition:             GIRL
Daddy's Intuition:                BOY
Dreams about baby:            GIRL (for both me and Mr. Fix-It!)
Heart Rate: 147-150            GIRL (girls are believed to be over 140, boys below)
Carrying: Low                     GIRL (boys look like basketballs, girls watermelons)
Cravings: Sweet                  GIRL
Mayan Even/Odd Rule:        BOY
Break-Outs: None               BOY

I was originally feeling VERY strongly that it was a BOY. Then, I noticed a number of the Old Wives Tales suggested GIRL, which messed with my head. So what do you think? Were any Old Wives Tales correct for you? I've created a poll on the right side of the blog.


  1. I'm guessing girl :) The heart beat was right on for me both times. I love your bump!

  2. I'm guessing girl for a totally ridiculous reason — everyone I know in real life is having little boys, and everyone I "know" online has had little girls!

  3. Happy halfway point!! I voted girl! :)

  4. I am not using any old wives tales or scientific data. But, as the grandma, I continue to cast my vote as "girl".

  5. I thought it was boys that are carried low? I'm carrying SUPER low. Maybe it will be a girl after all. ;)

    I think you are having a girl, JUST because that is your intuition. Have you done the Chinese prediction chart? That one was accurate for me. :)

  6. I'm guessing boy, applying totally unreliable and hokey old wives tale notions of how you're carrying: lower boy and higher girl!

  7. @ Amber: Chinese Birth Chart says boy. I didn't include it because I figured fertility treatments rendered it not entirely applicable!


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