Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Much Ado About Poo

"Sounds like SUCH a pain."
"You've just got that new mom enthusiasm. You'll realize that it's not worth the effort soon enough."

So, who knew wanting to cloth diaper your kid was such a controversial decision? Yeesh.

I'll admit I get where some of the skeptics are coming from. I once nannied for a 3 year old girl who was cloth diapered. They had these giant cotton pads that you had to fold just right, then add a liner, plus this bulky outer pant. I couldn't quite get on board with it, and when she had an adult-sized poop I wasn't super enthusiastic about walking it over to the toilet. In fact, I definitely said "gross" quite a few times during the process.

However, cloth diapers don't have to be a big, bulky, multi-layered, "gross" mess. We're opting to give gDiapers AND BumGenius a good ol' college try. And, there are many reasons that make the effort worthwhile.

How is this not 1,000 cuter than a disposable?
And see those tabs IN THE BACK? No poop-picasso art. Baby can't remove the diaper.

First: gDiapers. They're HYBRID diapers. How cool is that? They offer the eco-consciousness of cloth, but also have disposable inserts for when you're on the go (har-har). And, the disposable inserts are bio-degradible, flushable, or compostable. Extra points for not junking up landfills! The plan is to use gDiapers for daily use. They're less bulky than traditional cloth and allow us to go between cloth and disposable as needed. Best of both worlds, I'd say.

Just add a cloth or disposable insert

Second: BumGenius. I've heard many, many great things about these diapers. We're going to use them for overnights. They are fantastically absorbent, and work a bit more like a traditional cloth diaper. I find them to be a bit on the bulky side, and they require a full washing of the entire diaper after each use. Therefore, I prefer to use only 1-2 per day. But for overnight use, I'm pretty sure they can't be beat.


So, why cloth diaper? Here are our reasons:
  • They're eco-friendly
    •  Less waste in landfills/our trash
    • No cardboard "diaper boxes"
    • Manufacturing process of cloth is greener than disposables
  • Cost
  • Health 
    • Fewer diaper rashes
    • Keeps boy parts "cooler"
    • Fewer yeast infections/UTIs
  • Fewer/No blow-outs
  • No chemicals
  • They're cuter!
Next, I'll do a post on our stock of diapers!


  1. Yay! We're going to try them too. I've got a few CD friends to rely on for help and support since it's a new concept to me, but I love them and am surprised at how easy they are! We are trying bumgenius too, as well as a few other brands to see what's right. I've been watching youtube reviews in addition to my friend's recs. Glad I'll have you to compare notes with!

  2. We love our BGs! Gdiapers are super cute, interested to hear how you like them :)

  3. Anxiously awaiting your test results! I had a friend who used cloth diapers and they seem relatively easy to do instead of the disposable. Love the 'hybrid' one!

  4. You said BOY parts... Are you hinting at something????

  5. We are currently expecting our first child in December, so I'm doing all the research and I really would like to cloth diaper. I'm not sure the husband is totally on board yet. He asked our friends at a recent cookout for everyone's opinion on cloth diapering, of course none of them cloth diaper and are totally against it. I was fuming at my husband! I only want to go on our opinions and see what we like best, not everyone else.

  6. i am fascinated by cloth diapering and can't wait to hear more!

  7. @ Alice: Nope! We definitely don't know baby's sex. Still hanging on to being surprised!

  8. We are cloth diapering (we have a 3 week old) and I'm pretty pleased with it so far (I should admit that we are using a diaper service, so I'm not getting my hands too dirty!) :) For the early weeks, I really recommend the Thirsties X-Small....they are a perfect size for newborns. I can't wait for my son to get a little bigger so we can try all the various full-sized diapers I've collected over the past few months too! :)

  9. We're trying the BumGenius AIOs (starting with a newborn diaper rental). I really want to cloth diaper, but I am fundamentally lazy. I'm happy to do laundry, but not happy to remember to bring/stuff inserts with me everywhere I go, so the one-piece really appeals to me. Hope it works out! We'll probably supplement with occasional disposables (long car rides or full-days away from home, maybe?) but we'll see how that goes.

  10. My SIL cloth diapers... I can see the benefits of both, I am leaning towards cloth for if/when we procreate (har) but I don't think B would be on board until he saw the #'s, lol!

  11. I don't understand why people care about how you choose to diaper your child, but they definitely have an opinion! Yay for cloth! :) We love ours.

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