Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

I have been wanting to do a Miscellaneous Monday post for a bit now, and unfortunately yesterday it just wasn't in the cards. I decided today was a perfectly good alternative. And YAY! it's already Tuesday.

1. A few weeks ago, Mr. Fix-It and I decided to start listing our Guest Room furniture on CraigsList so that we could make room for preparing the nursery. During this time we had the brilliant idea of listing much of our Living Room furniture as well. We had a few pieces that were driving me nuts and the timing was right. The Guest Room now looks something like this:
2. Listing the Living Room furniture meant that we also got to pick out a new sofa and ottoman! I suggested that we get an ottoman with storage so that we'd have an extra place to store baby toys, and Mr. Fix-It agreed. AND we went for a larger, deeper, more comfy sofa. It makes the space look a bit more casual, but it's going to be more of a "family" living space anyway, right? Here's a little peek on what we have going on now. I'll do a proper post once we have the Living Room fully reconfigured.

3. I thought nesting was something involving pregnant women. While I'm excited to prep for baby, I think Mr. Fix-Its nesting instincts have kicked in now. Here's a glimpse at what he's been up to:

In case it's not clear, our dining table is now standard table height and our hall closet is completely rearranged. Perhaps I'll have him update you on his projects.

4. The funniest part about all this reorganizing/redecorating is that we both agreed to hold off on these sorts of projects until mid-June. How's that working, huh? I DID agree to hold off on nursery projects until then as well, and so far I have been able to contain myself.

5. I'm not especially crafty, particularly when it comes to projects that involve measuring and accuracy. NO PATIENCE. So, why I have decided that I will be capable of sewing several items for the nursery is beyond me. Let's all have a little laugh right now about how this is all going to go down. More on that once I remove the sewing machine from the box.

I guess this Miscellaneous Monday has turned into "miscellaneous home updates". Which is also super fun, right? I'll be back tomorrow with my baby bump at Week 19.


  1. Woohoo - new furniture is exciting!

  2. I am loving all the changes... I have a feeling I am going to be seriously impressed by your nursery... you know, no pressure or anything! :)

  3. I am LOVING your new couch! I'm looking forward to hearing more details about it, as I am also in the market for a new couch and have been having a hard time finding the right one!

  4. Glad to read your post! It had been a crafty Monday isn't it? Well, happy to see your sewing, and I would like you to see mine, take a look on this link brother xl2600i.

    Hope you like mine too. :)

    Kind Regards,

    Dorothy Parker