Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 22

A while back Mr. Fix-It and I did a clean out of the closet in the room that is becoming baby's nursery. I thought we had done a very thorough job, but somehow we found ourselves cleaning out yet again. Maybe a bit of my "nesting mode" has kicked in because between the two of us, I've been voting to get rid of almost everything! Even though I'm getting tired of cleaning out, it reminds me that we're one step closer to actually really getting started on baby's room!

Over the weekend we celebrated Father's Day (and my Dad's birthday) in Rhode Island. We had a wonderful trip and baby enjoyed yet another plane ride. So well behaved, this little one! (ha) Actually though, we sat next to a Dad and his little 3 month old boy. He was the sweetest baby! Dad gave him a bottle while we were sitting on the runway, and then the baby fell asleep during take-off and didn't wake up when Dad was taking him off the plane. It was reassuring to see, as we're planning to take a trip to St. Thomas when our little one is just about 3 months old.

It was great to see friends and family in Rhode Island, and somehow baby managed to receive more gifts! This kid is already so wonderfully loved. Outfits, blankets, toys - I'm starting to wonder if there will be anything left for a shower.

Week 22 has been much like the others - I've been feeling great and baby continues to grow and kick away!

Oh, and here's the gift I gave Mr. Fix-It for Father's Day. I'll have to keep an eye on this though, baby's Rhode Island mama wants the Red Sox equally represented!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Day to day...

...it's hard to believe that anything is changing. 

 Weeks 13/14 and 21/22

But there's no question that baby and I have been doing a lot of growing lately!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Much Ado About Poo: The Supply

One of the biggest questions about cloth diapering (aside from what to do with the poo) is about supply. From what I've found on google, through mom friends, and the world of fellow bloggers, is the number is anywhere from 12-36. 12 may be cutting it a little close for some, and 36 is a generous supply. I'm guessing the golden number is probably 18-24.

As mentioned in my previous post about our plan to cloth diaper, we're using two different brands for two different purposes. gDiapers by day, BumGenius by night. This combination wasn't recommended to me, it's just an idea I cooked up based on reviews, recommendations, and preference. I know a lot of parents use a combination of brands, and others are completely dedicated to just one. I should add - I'm no expert (yet) and this process will require a little trial and error.

So, here's our supply:

1. gDiapers

gDiapers have 3 parts: outer pant "gPant", liner, and insert. Ideally, at any given changing you're only swapping out the insert. The insert is either cloth or disposable.

Unfortunately, "ideally" isn't always reality. Some days you may only need one outer pant, others you may go through 2 or 3 if things are particularly poopy/leaky/icky. But, the point is, for gDiapers the supply of outer pants is of less importance than your supply of inserts. At present, we have 12 cloth inserts. I imagine I'll buy 2 more packs, bringing our total to 24. Then, we'll keep a stock of disposable inserts on hand for days we're out and about. The disposables are sold like traditional diapers.

At present, here's our supply of gDiaper Pants:

Total: I've added 3 small gPants and 4 large gPants to our registry. So, we'll likely have:
  • 5 Small gPants (8-14lbs)
  • 8 Medium gPants (13-28lbs)
  • 6 Large gPants (26-36lbs)
Why the sizes? gDiapers claims sized pants allows for optimal fit. Here's hoping!

Cost: gPants cost approximately $18 each. At present we own 12. That totals $216. The gPants photographed above cost $70 TOTAL. How did I stock up at nearly 1/3 of the price? A little bit of good luck and good timing. A friend passed along some gPants, and a member of a mommy group changed her mind on cloth and sold hers for a great price. We will need to purchase additional cloth inserts, which will be about $50.

2. BumGenius

BumGenius diapers are considered "all-in-one" diapers. They are one size, made to grow with your child. They come in two parts: diaper and cloth insert. (I'm sensing the makings of a "how to" post coming on, so I'll document that next!)

I wasn't sure about using two brands of cloth diapers at first, but when Cotton Babies had their annual cloth diaper sale (buy 5 get 1 free) I went for it. Plus, with the reputation of being amazingly absorbent I couldn't help but think they would be perfect for overnights. (You know, because my kid will obviously be sleeping through the night).

Here's our supply of BumGenius Diapers:

Total: 6. I don't plan on buying/needing more. Estimating we may need 2 per night, we'll still have a good 3-day rotation. Seems like plenty to me!

Cost: A 6-pack is sold for $110.95. With the sale, I paid a total of $86.

And because they're so cute, here's a glimpse at our colorful supply of diapers!

And if you've been keeping track, we've invested $156 so far. Typical cost of 1 year of diapering? $500-$800. And you know, kids are usually diapered for 2.5-3 years.

Cloth Diapering Posts I've found particularly helpful:
The Much Requested Cloth Diaper Post via Young House Love
Cloth Diapers: Our Plan (So Far) via Never Home Maker, Baby!
Cloth Diapers for the Win via Oh!Apostrophe

Do you cloth? How's it going? Have you blogged about it? I'd love to read your post!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Much Ado About Poo

"Sounds like SUCH a pain."
"You've just got that new mom enthusiasm. You'll realize that it's not worth the effort soon enough."

So, who knew wanting to cloth diaper your kid was such a controversial decision? Yeesh.

I'll admit I get where some of the skeptics are coming from. I once nannied for a 3 year old girl who was cloth diapered. They had these giant cotton pads that you had to fold just right, then add a liner, plus this bulky outer pant. I couldn't quite get on board with it, and when she had an adult-sized poop I wasn't super enthusiastic about walking it over to the toilet. In fact, I definitely said "gross" quite a few times during the process.

However, cloth diapers don't have to be a big, bulky, multi-layered, "gross" mess. We're opting to give gDiapers AND BumGenius a good ol' college try. And, there are many reasons that make the effort worthwhile.

How is this not 1,000 cuter than a disposable?
And see those tabs IN THE BACK? No poop-picasso art. Baby can't remove the diaper.

First: gDiapers. They're HYBRID diapers. How cool is that? They offer the eco-consciousness of cloth, but also have disposable inserts for when you're on the go (har-har). And, the disposable inserts are bio-degradible, flushable, or compostable. Extra points for not junking up landfills! The plan is to use gDiapers for daily use. They're less bulky than traditional cloth and allow us to go between cloth and disposable as needed. Best of both worlds, I'd say.

Just add a cloth or disposable insert

Second: BumGenius. I've heard many, many great things about these diapers. We're going to use them for overnights. They are fantastically absorbent, and work a bit more like a traditional cloth diaper. I find them to be a bit on the bulky side, and they require a full washing of the entire diaper after each use. Therefore, I prefer to use only 1-2 per day. But for overnight use, I'm pretty sure they can't be beat.


So, why cloth diaper? Here are our reasons:
  • They're eco-friendly
    •  Less waste in landfills/our trash
    • No cardboard "diaper boxes"
    • Manufacturing process of cloth is greener than disposables
  • Cost
  • Health 
    • Fewer diaper rashes
    • Keeps boy parts "cooler"
    • Fewer yeast infections/UTIs
  • Fewer/No blow-outs
  • No chemicals
  • They're cuter!
Next, I'll do a post on our stock of diapers!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 21

There were two pretty significant baby-related events that occurred this week. First, was our anatomy scan. The other was the completion of the nursery closet! We'll do a separate post on the closet (previews made their way to twitter and instagram, follow @thefixits) which Mr. Fix-It single-handedly completed.

The anatomy scan was really incredible. Baby looks perfectly healthy, and we got lots of glimpses at its cute little face, hands, feet, and growing body. When it came time to examine the spine and measure legs, Mr. Fix-It and I opted to look away in hopes of keeping baby's sex a surprise until we meet him/her.

After the scan, I asked Mr. Fix-It if he changed his guess about the baby's sex. He teased me that the face was obviously boy-ish, and I said that I thought it looked pretty girly. It goes to show that you can see what you want to see! But later, I was looking at the photos again and saw what Mr. Fix-It was noticing. So now, of course, I'm wondering if this little one is a boy after all. One thing is for sure: we agree that we will truly be surprised come October!

As usual, this week was uneventful in a good way. Only a few minor pregnancy symptoms have kicked in: I've started to have a little acid reflux when laying down for bed at night, so I've had to keep the TUMS handy. I'm thrilled I've made it this far without incident - I have a pretty nasty history with acid reflux - so I know I can survive some heartburn for the next several months. Also, in the reflux department, I've noticed that my gag reflex is pathetic in the morning. I've heard that pregnant women have this problem - often when brushing their teeth. For me, I frequently gag on my itsy bitsy thyroid pill that I take first thing, and occasionally throw it up. It's not my favorite occurrence, but all things considered I'll take it.

Overall, things are going wonderfully well. I've noticed that any feelings of stress and anxiety have almost entirely disappeared. During the first 18 weeks I probably googled some ridiculous symptom or feeling multiple times a day. Since the baby has started kicking, I feel repeatedly reassured that baby is doing just fine. At the time I knew I was being a little nutty, but I couldn't escape the worry and horror stories that seem to pop up everywhere. And, the googling led to some of the horror stories, so it was ultimately a nasty cycle. Being at the other end of worry is a nice place to be!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dear Baby...

Seeing you at your anatomy scan made everything a million times more real. The first thing I said when I saw you on the screen was, "Hi Baby! You're so big!" You have grown so much, and you still have lots of growing to do before we meet you. I'm not feeling uncomfortable yet, so take all the room you need.

Seeing your little face was just amazing. And I couldn't get over how completely cute you looked! I'm sure I'm biased, though.

Meeting you will be the BEST day.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 20

Week 20 was a doozy! Fortunately baby is doing just fine, but MAN!, did I have a week. Work was crazy in every possible way, and clients were particularly challenging. I have noticed that my boundaries have shifted since becoming pregnant, and I am much more deliberate in my decisions to protect myself. A small example is that I'm now unwilling to book clients back-to-back-to-back and shove lunch in my face when I have a quick second. It feels really good! And of course, I do see the total irony in preaching self-care to my clients and then doing the opposite... No more, I say!

On to baby: I will remember week 20 for two reasons. One, it's the HALFWAY point! So exciting! And two, my body upped the ante on its "preparations". Let's just say that sometimes things leak. I'm glad to know my child will not starve.

Tomorrow is our anatomy scan! This is usually the point in pregnancy when parents find out the sex of the baby. Since we're opting to be surprised, I figured you could guess along with us!  Can't wait to see what you think.

Here are the "clues" that I have so far:

Mommy's Intuition:             GIRL
Daddy's Intuition:                BOY
Dreams about baby:            GIRL (for both me and Mr. Fix-It!)
Heart Rate: 147-150            GIRL (girls are believed to be over 140, boys below)
Carrying: Low                     GIRL (boys look like basketballs, girls watermelons)
Cravings: Sweet                  GIRL
Mayan Even/Odd Rule:        BOY
Break-Outs: None               BOY

I was originally feeling VERY strongly that it was a BOY. Then, I noticed a number of the Old Wives Tales suggested GIRL, which messed with my head. So what do you think? Were any Old Wives Tales correct for you? I've created a poll on the right side of the blog.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 19

Week 19 left us broke. Not really, but we did purchase all of our nursery furniture! In 8-10 weeks we will have a crib, organic mattress, dresser/changing table, and amazingly cozy glider and ottoman in our home. The timing is great, because it gives us a nice deadline to have the room prepped, painted, and the closet organized. I can't wait until it all comes together!

Like most weeks, week 19 was great. I've still been feeling just like myself (with the exception of the occasional baby kick) and my energy has been good. A lot of women talk about being wiped out during the first trimester and reenergized by the second. In my case: nothin'. I have felt totally normal for the past 4.5 months. I'll take it!

I am in a bit of disbelief that next week marks the halfway point of this pregnancy. Like many things involving time, it feels like it has simultaneously flown by and dragged on. I mean, I think the last time I had a drink was New Year's. It's June now, so THAT does feel long. (Oh! I take that back - I had enjoyed lots of wine Leah's birthday weekend in mid-January. Huge difference, right there.)

This week I had a quick follow-up with my OB after the events of week 17. Everything looks as it should, and the doctor was FINALLY able to hear the baby's heartbeat using a doppler. Usually, she can only hear the swishing of movement. My little squirmy child finally sat still. 148 BPM and holding strong. Every time we've listened to the heartbeat it's been between 147-150. I don't know why I'm always surprised it's so consistent, but I am!

The next big milestone is the anatomy scan. Ours is scheduled during week 21. I'm so excited to get another good look at our little one. Here's hoping our child opts to be a bit modest so as not to spoil any surprises!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

I have been wanting to do a Miscellaneous Monday post for a bit now, and unfortunately yesterday it just wasn't in the cards. I decided today was a perfectly good alternative. And YAY! it's already Tuesday.

1. A few weeks ago, Mr. Fix-It and I decided to start listing our Guest Room furniture on CraigsList so that we could make room for preparing the nursery. During this time we had the brilliant idea of listing much of our Living Room furniture as well. We had a few pieces that were driving me nuts and the timing was right. The Guest Room now looks something like this:
2. Listing the Living Room furniture meant that we also got to pick out a new sofa and ottoman! I suggested that we get an ottoman with storage so that we'd have an extra place to store baby toys, and Mr. Fix-It agreed. AND we went for a larger, deeper, more comfy sofa. It makes the space look a bit more casual, but it's going to be more of a "family" living space anyway, right? Here's a little peek on what we have going on now. I'll do a proper post once we have the Living Room fully reconfigured.

3. I thought nesting was something involving pregnant women. While I'm excited to prep for baby, I think Mr. Fix-Its nesting instincts have kicked in now. Here's a glimpse at what he's been up to:

In case it's not clear, our dining table is now standard table height and our hall closet is completely rearranged. Perhaps I'll have him update you on his projects.

4. The funniest part about all this reorganizing/redecorating is that we both agreed to hold off on these sorts of projects until mid-June. How's that working, huh? I DID agree to hold off on nursery projects until then as well, and so far I have been able to contain myself.

5. I'm not especially crafty, particularly when it comes to projects that involve measuring and accuracy. NO PATIENCE. So, why I have decided that I will be capable of sewing several items for the nursery is beyond me. Let's all have a little laugh right now about how this is all going to go down. More on that once I remove the sewing machine from the box.

I guess this Miscellaneous Monday has turned into "miscellaneous home updates". Which is also super fun, right? I'll be back tomorrow with my baby bump at Week 19.