Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Registry Items I'm Most Excited About Using

It's probably a little early to be talking about a baby registry. But, I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have a registry set up before we were expecting. I'd actually recommend it if you're in the phase of thinking about babies. Amazon allows you to set up a "private" registry (totally unsearchable) and you can start to make an active list of items that you have heard about/noticed/seen on blogs, etc. Wait, only I had been making incessant mental notes? Quite possibly.

The other contributing factor to my baby product knowledge/love-fest is my work experience in the baby industry. First, as a nanny (I've driven every stroller around!) and second, as a maternity concierge. So, being a researcher and tester, I have a lot of opinions on what I like and what I think is junk. Plus, I've been lucky enough to attend product expos where I was able to meet manufacturers directly and get a feel for the people behind the product.

1. Motorola Video Monitor: I really balked when video monitors first became popular. How lazy can people be? Plus, we live in a one-story condo, so hearing the baby will never be an issue. We probably don't even need a monitor at all. However, I changed my mind when I began to hear parents RAVE about being able to peek in on the baby or being able to check on whether they're just stirring or full-out awake. (I've definitely gone in to check on a baby before only to wake them from a nap. Once they hear that door creak, their eyes pop right open and there's no turning back.) I also figure that the monitor will be good to have when traveling. My parents live in a house where it would be hard to hear a baby crying from upstairs, so for visits this type of monitor seems to make a lot of sense.

2. UppaBaby Vista: My favorite stroller on the market. I could write a novel about all the things that make this stroller the best one out there, but I'll stick with the basics. It can expand to accomodate 3 children, it handles beautifully, UppaBaby is an unbelievably good company, it's versatile, sturdy, the under-basket can hold GOBS of stuff, and it's especially awesome for tall parents. I have dealt with many strollers in my day, UppaBaby wins.

3. Boon Flair High Chair: I was torn on high chairs. People rave about the Stokke Trip Trapp (or similar Keekaroo), and I agree that they're pretty great. However, I was sold on the Boon for a few reasons. I love that it can adjust to different heights - it can pull up to a table or countertop - and also that it's on wheels. Being able to slide a baby around in a high chair is a wonderful feature. Baby can sit safely while you prepare dinner in the kitchen, you can roll back to the dinner table, or you can pass baby between parents when one needs a break from feeding. Plus, the Boon has no crevices - it comes in one large "part" thus making clean up WAY easier. No hidden crumbs! I have definitely found old, crusty food in traditional high chairs. Icky.

4. Peanut Shell Sling: I LOOOOOOVE wearing babies in slings. It's the most comfortable carrier style for my body, and I adore having a sleeping infant all curled up in there. I also like being able to carry a toddler on my hip while also being hands-free. I've also registered for a traditional carrier (specifically the Becco Gemini) but I find I get less sweaty and remain generally more comfortable using slings. This is quite possibly the item I'm looking forward to most!

5. Bjorn Baby Sitter Balance: Babies love this thing. I haven't had tons of experience with babies being ALL about the bouncy seat, but I've heard this one is top notch. I actually didn't even have a bouncy seat on our registry at first, but then heard over and over what a great piece the Bjorn Baby Sitter was to have - especially while Mommy takes a shower or needs a minute to get something done.

6. GoCrib: I'm not a fan of the Pack N Play. I don't know what it is that bothers me about them exactly, but I really don't want one in my life. The GoCrib is similar, but a distinct alternative. It's more like a travel crib for little ones - extremely portable, lightweight, and versatile. It's won several awards in the past few years, and parents seem to love it. You can take it to the park! The beach! On a weekend vacation! If you're not convinced, go to the website and check it out. I'm sure a lot of you new moms are going to tell me about the advantages of having a Pack N Play - I hear you. However, our living space is small enough that it simply doesn't make sense, and we're not planning on having baby sleep in our bedroom.

What did you love most for your little one? Do you have an all-time favorite product?


  1. Ooh, I've never heard of the GoCrib!! I need to check it out :D

  2. My faves are the Boppy pillow, both for propping them up for tummy time and for nursing. The mini co-sleeper, which if you're not rooming in wouldn't work for you. And the Moby wrap. For tiny infants, I think there are issues with a sling because they don't have the neck muscles to keep their airway open when curled up like that. With the Moby they're still snuggled up with you, but they're able to be positioned better.

  3. Love the boppy, the cybex carrier, the summer infant swaddlers and the deedee sleep sack, and the cooshie changing pad. I will say that I was anti pack n play too, but then my Mom and SIL mentioned that they are good to have once the kid gets mobile, ie you need to go the bathroom and you can set them down for a quick second. Now that our little lady is rolling over like a champ- she can get from one side of the room to the next- I can really appreciate it!

  4. @ Michelle & Karen: Yes! I certainly have a boppy on there too.

    @ Michelle: I've heard the warnings about slings with little, little ones. You do have to watch that their airways aren't covered.

  5. i'm going to have to mentally file these away, especially since they come from a baby expert!

  6. We have the Uppababy vista, video monitor, beco gemini, and are on the hunt for a used boon flair high chair! So, I love your registry. :)

  7. We have the goCrib and I love it! We did use the bassinet of the PnP for the first 4 months while our daughter slept in our room, but the PnP is not very practical for traveling. We have taken the GoCrib all over the country with us and our daughter slept in it for about a month while we were in the process of moving.