Monday, May 21, 2012

Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 14

Week 14 meant a trip to Mexico! When I turned 29, Mr. Fix-It asked me what I wanted to do for my 30th birthday. I told him one of two things: If I wasn't pregnant I wanted to drink lots of yummy wine in Napa. If I was, I wanted to go lay on a beach somewhere and do a whole lot of nothing. Obviously, you know how the scenario turned out - and we were off to Mexico at the end of April.

I wasn't too worried about traveling pregnant. The main thing I kept in mind was to stay away from the water. It wound up being fine and I never had so much as a tummy ache. Mr. Fix-It, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky and seemed to pick up a bit of a bug by the end of the trip. Better him than me!

We had 5 perfectly relaxing days that we spent at the beach and poolside. I did tons of reading and soaked up a healthy amount of sun. Around this time I was starting to feel that I looked a little pregnant, but some fellow Chicagoan travelers we met at the beach bar (virgin drinks for me!) were happy to inform me that you'd NEVER know. Oh well, I was hoping to look less like a girl with a beer belly and more like a glowing mom-to-be. I'll give it a few more weeks.

Just before our trip to Mexico, I stopped using a progesterone supplement cream. Doctors prescribe progesterone for a number of reasons in early pregnancy. I was lucky enough (not) to have to use it during the entire first trimester. It wasn't too big of a deal, but coming off it was a nightmare. Over the past few years I came to realize that I have migraines tied to hormonal shifts. Guess what happens when you drop a daily hormone from your routine? Major, major migraine. It was the first time I felt truly awful during this pregnancy. I couldn't take my usual meds, so I had to suffer through. This meant vomiting from the pain and breaking down crying during a movie one night. I'm SO glad that is over. And I tell myself that some women have said that their worst migraine was far more painful than labor. Fingers crossed. (I'm sure I'll laugh at this in a few months.) 


  1. A coworker of mine thought labor was going to be like having cramps from your period... she was wrong. :o)

  2. you look so happy and relaxed in this photo! i'd say you have a beautiful *glow*!


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