Saturday, February 11, 2012

Christmas Recap!

As mentioned earlier this week, I've been wanting to catch you up on photos from recent events. Being late is a slippery slope - once too much time has passed it starts to feel like "why bother?" Is 6 weeks too late for a Christmas Recap? - probably.

So, my parents and sister joined us for Christmas in Chicago. We snuggled in to our cozy condo (certainly not intended to house 5 - but we made it work!) and combined traditions from both sides of the family. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Mr. Fix-Its family. We included my family's lobster on Christmas Eve tradition too - bumping it one day early so as not to miss out.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with Mr. Fix-Its Dad's side of the family.

And then opened lots and lots of presents Christmas morning at our place.

After the crew showered away the bed head, we were off to Mr. Fix-Its Mom's side of the family.

All in all, our Christmas was quite wonderful! Up next, New Year's Eve!


  1. aw, it's kinda nice to relive the holidays a little bit through these pictures!