Monday, January 23, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

Hi Friends! (Strangers, perhaps, because it's been so long?) It feels like it's been ages since I posted. 2012 has already been jam-packed and we're only 23 days in. It's crazy, but great.

1. From my last Miscellaneous Monday post, you know that we hosted Christmas in Chicago and then flew off to Denver for Allie's Wedding. Then I spent a weekend in San Francisco celebrating my friend Leah's 30th. Mr. Fix-It was back in Denver last week for work, and I also spent a couple of days at a training last week. We've also squeezed in about 100 other things - including Mr. Fix-It rewiring all of our lights. But that's a different post for a different day. I think we may have some normal time soon. I guarantee the giant pile of clothes beside my bed hopes so.

2. YOU GUYS - I mentioned this on twitter this weekend - I accomplished a BIG 30 before 30 goal! I shot a newborn session! It was such a great experience, and I want to shoot 100 more.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ram's Gate Winery

This past weekend I was lucky enough to head to San Francisco to celebrate my friend Leah's 30th Birthday! We also managed to sneak in a trip to Napa on Friday afternoon.We spent about three hours there - and let me tell you - it was some of the most relaxing heavenly three hours I've had in a while. Heaven, I say, heaven!

The property has achieved a perfect balance of indoor-outdoor space. (It was especially perfect to be sitting by a fire on a breezy 66 degree day knowing it was snowing in Chicago.)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011 in Photos


Monday, January 9, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

1. Christmas was a success! Mr. Fix-It and I hosted our first Chicago Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with his family (and mine, who came to visit), but also got the experience of scheduling meals and menus, activities, and opened presents for the first time by our own tree.

2. For Christmas, Mr. Fix-It gifted me a white coat.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

TV Anywhere - This is cool

I need to set the scene for this post......It is the Wednesday night after Christmas. We just hosted my in-laws for the holiday. We have a 7:30am flight the next morning to Denver of which I need to pack.  I am driven by  my father-in-law's Sling Box/remote streaming app and some complaints about the complexity of my cherished Windows Media Center.  I decide it's time to do something cool to defend the amazingness that is Windows Media Center.

A little more back story.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Reflections on 2011

Around this time of year it's hard not to reflect on the year that has passed. So many friends have made comments like, "Good riddance 2011!" or "2011 was THE BEST". Maybe it's the therapist in me that refuses to see things as all good or all bad. And yet, it's almost impossible to not categorize.

For me, 2011 was calm.

{2010 was the opposite: a new job, wedding planning, the loss of Mr. Fix-Its Mom, getting married, and renovating our condo.}

2011 brought me a calm I haven't experienced before. I recently realized that it was one of the first years without any major life events, no significant changes. I didn't move, didn't start school or graduate, didn't get engaged/married, didn't buy a car, or a home. With that calm came room for growth. I found myself in a place where I could push myself, learn new things, and take on new challenges. For the first time I didn't think, "I can't start that now because X is coming up." In a world where it's so easy to get fixated on the next thing, I found time to live.

I'm proud of what I've accomplished this year. I nurtured hobbies and interests that I had never fully pursued before.

1. I stopped being intimidated by yoga classes. In fact, I now go 1-3 times per week. It engages me equally physically and mentally.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Currently Loving

1. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser: I know I've talked about my beloved face wash before (back in the weddingbee days), but when I bought my Clairsonic Mia I received a sample of Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. OMG I LOVE IT. I may be making an official switch sometime soon.

2. Run 5K App: As per my 30 before 30 list, I'm working to complete the Couch to 5K program. This app has been a GREAT trainer.

3. Monogram Dodo iPad Case: I LOVE having my iPad slightly incognito. Plus, my case is monogrammed, making it extra awesome. Oh yeah, I got an iPad for Christmas (!!!).

4. Lululemon Scuba Hoodie: It's warm, and long, and cute, and wonderful.

5. Kelly Moore MiMi Bag: So, I sold my good old Kelly Moore B-Hobo to switch to the MiMi. Both have their benefits: the B-Hobo sat closer to my body and was very easy to access. The MiMi, however, is more like a trendy purse which always wins points from me. Plus, I can wear it messenger style - which was my main requirement. OH! And it has a pouch just for the iPad. Totally an extra selling point.

6. Align Ultra Mat: I originally bought "The Mat" from Lululemon. I was really excited about it, but ultimately not in love. I found one side to be slippery and the other side stained with sweat/smudges/etc. I switched to the Align Mat and am thrilled! It's great quality and a steal for typical Lululemon prices!

7. JCrew Hearthstone Snood: I'm all about grey. And chunky scarves. And infinity scarves. It's everything I love!

8. Korres Guava Body Butter: OMG. I discovered this lotion years ago. It smells soooooo amazing. Go to Sephora now and take a whiff. You'll haaaave to have some.

What are you loving right now?