Monday, December 5, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

1. We decorated for Christmas this weekend! (Us, and the rest of America, that is.) We really went all-out. This year my parents and sister will be cramming into our condo for the holidays, so we wanted to be especially festive. I'll share more details soon!

If you ever wondered what it's like to live in the city and purchase a Christmas tree, enjoy the photos below. My favorites are purchasing our tree on the ROOF of Home Depot, and setting the tree in its stand on a street corner. City living at its finest!

2. Our Christmas cards are DONE! It's an awesome feeling to know they're already on their way to their new homes. I'll blog our card once everyone has received theirs... Also, I'm officially turning into my mother. We blew through 100 cards with NO PROBLEM. I could have easily ordered 150 and used them all.

3. I've sllllllowly learned to write a little HTML. I feel kind of cool because this is something Mr. Fix-It does not know how to do (at all). I feel all tech savvy. Notice those new "buttons" toward the top of the page? I figured out how to get them there all by myself. Don't mention that the facebook one doesn't work. It's making me NUTS! P.S. Have you liked us on facebook yet? It's a party over there!

4. Update on the sister! She's doing GREAT. She had a horrible incident last Monday at swim practice where she lost consciousness while in the pool. She had to be pulled out, blue, and it was all kinds of scary. Another parent literally saved her life. She was in the hospital for several days where they ran every test under the sun, and carefully monitored her lungs and heart. It seems we're on to something regarding her thyroid function, so hopefully we have some answers about what happened and why.

(love her!)

5. I've been slacking on my yoga lately. I literally don't understand why I fight going to the gym. I feel SO GOOD afterwards! Bad, self.

6. I've wanted to do something with my wedding shoes for a while.

First I was thinking of dying them some crazy color like green:

...because they'd be fun and loud and I could wear them with a black dress.

Then I thought about bedazzling them. There's a store in our neighborhood that will do it - but it's PRICEY. The quote was more than the cost of my shoes, and the shoes weren't cheap.

There are DIY options, but now I'm thinking I should just go black and call it a day. Then, I can at least get another wear out of them for Bestie Allie's wedding on NYE! OR, or!...the remaining option is to dye them black and bedazzle the bow area. Thoughts?

What's new with you?
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  1. That is so scary about your sister, I'm glad to hear she's doing better. And, on to a much lighter topic, I say leave the shoes alone. They're GORGEOUS!

  2. ha - but what am I going to do with ivory shoes?

  3. So glad your sister is doing better, and I love the tree! I vote for black - you can always use another pair of black shoes, right?!

  4. Definitely dye them black and add some bedazzle! That'd be SOO cute!

  5. Glad to hear that your sister is doing better! Your tree looks so festive!

  6. Yay! I love Misc Monday!

    I'm so glad your sister's okay.

    Dye your shoes a crazy color. You don't need more black shoes. You can just buy some black shoes. Dye em PINK!!!

  7. Glad to hear your sister is doing better, how scary!

  8. i hope your sister is feeling better--that must have been so scary.

    your tree is beautiful! i remember the good ol' days of walking down the street and buying our tree at a corner bodega and carrying it home. i have no idea what to do this year. tie it on the car? i'm confused!

  9. I'm so glad Julia is doing better! And I love the bedazzled idea... but i SUPPOSE black would be more practical. :)

  10. I love your tree! Gotta love city tree experiences :)

  11. so glad to hear your sister is doing better. hopefully your family can get some more answers soon.

    and I am in LOVE with your big long branch in front of your window with all of the Christmas ornaments - beautiful.

  12. Im glad your sister is doing better!!! I love those sparkly shoes!