Sunday, November 13, 2011

October Photography Challenge (23-30)

Even though we're well into November, I decided it was due time to wrap up the 30-Day October Photography Challenge! Admittedly, I completely fell behind. I've decided Baby Miller's arrival is my excuse. He was born on October 25, and I flew to Providence to meet him! More on the cute little man and his adorable nursery later, though.



{something pink}

{close up}

{from a distance}


{black and white}


Did you finish the challenge? How'd it go?


  1. Congratulations! I went into November too! Next time I run a challenge, I'm not going to try to participate too. Talk about taking on too much. Did I ever tell you my blil bro's name is Miller? He'll be so excited to know it's more than a last name! Thanks for doing the challenge. It was great to have you.

  2. @ our wired lives: unfortunately, "miller" is his last name, not first. it does make for a cute first name, though!

  3. I love that little froggy! So cute. It was hard to finish the challenge at the end...I had to make a huge push to do it! Love your photos though.

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