Monday, November 14, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

I rarely blog on Mondays. You should be SO excited!

On a somewhat regular basis, I'm going to post "Miscellaneous Mondays". I'm a sucker for alliteration, and it seems like a good catch-all for a recap of the weekend's activities or just general recent happenings.

1. I know I've mentioned this little man before, but I just have to share again. And I get to see him again at Thanksgiving! It will take most all of my self-control to not be a total baby-hog.

And his daddy just posted this one on facebook this morning. The cuteness! I die.

2. And while I'm talking babies: I have officially experienced "The Shift". In case you're not familiar, it's a phenomenon on facebook where 95% of your news feed is about babies. Once upon a time, said news feed was about drunken shenanigans and studying for finals.

Being a baby-lover I'm kind of in heaven, but TAKE AWAY THE INTERNET as soon as my status update says, "2 pees and 1 poop in the potty! happy dance!". That is not ok, my friends. 825 pictures of your kid at the pumpkin patch? Cute. Potty training. Please stop. Your friends are horrified.

3. To continue in the miscellany, let me tell you about Friday. I had a meeting in Arlington Heights (like waaaaay far away from downtown) which is conveniently near IKEA. As previously mentioned, I wanted to hang a printable (or two) in our Master Bath. I grabbed a couple of frames and went on my way. As soon as I got home, I framed the printables, grabbed nails, and started hanging. Because they're behind the door, I had it closed while hanging. Mr. Fix-It came home from work a little early that day and SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME. Nothing like thinking you're home alone and then hearing footsteps. (I was probably a little jumpy because we had a near-break in last week. I'll share that story soon. And don't worry, Mom! We're fine!) Anyway, Mr. Fix-It greeted me with an ever-so-curious, "What are you doing now?!". Which was appropriate since the bathroom repainting was a bit of a behind-his-back operation. He seemed to approve, though.

I lived with the original two prints for two days, but knew I wanted to switch out the lower one. It reads: "Do small things with great love". It just didn't speak to me. It's sweet, but maybe "Do all things with great love" would have made me happier. I searched pinterest further and found, "The best thing to hold on to in life is each other". I like the look of the second print better too, plus the love one had too many hearts for my taste.

4. I got to see these lovely Bee ladies on Sunday!

{snapdragon, seashell, guinea pig, quiche}

I love that we're in height order, and I'm on the short side. I'm 5'9", people! You are amazons!

5. Just in case I haven't babbled on enough today (sorry for so much talk revolving around potty training and bathrooms), one more thing:

If you have an iPad and aren't using Flipboard, YOU CRAZY. It's, like, the coolest app. I know I was already all excited about it on twitter. Just had to mention it here too.

I think that's all from me today. I've got some good stuff planned for this week: a little redecorating, Baby Miller's nursery, a great organizational trick, and The Fix-Its Christmas wishlists! Come back soon!


  1. Stupid question (just got my iPad for client meetings) - what is Flipboard?

  2. @ anni: it's an awesome "reader" for facebook, twitter, news, tech, etc etc. you MUST check it out! :)

  3. LOL...I posted a blog entitled "Snapshot Sunday" last night so I am a such for alliteration as well!

    I agree with you 100% on the potty training updates from FB friends...sooo not needed! I'll take all of your adorable photos and regular updates on how many steps they took today. But I am SO NOT ON BOARD with the details about the bathroom visits.

    I love your print outs and may just have to steal that idea for my new bathroom. So clever.

    PS - You and the rest of the bees are a great looking bunch! :)

  4. @ sarah: seriously! there should be a prompt on FB before you post about potty training. i propose: "shouldn't you text this to your husband instead?"

  5. Totally agree about the potty training on facebook. I'm seriously swooning over your photos still. I really really want a new lens for my camera! Dying!

  6. Hooray for bees! Love that photo, and that we accidentally lined up in height order...
    I also really like the look of the second print in your bathroom - good idea to switch it out!

  7. I definitely like the second print better - so pretty!

  8. Awww... this tall girl would have loved to be in that picture!!!

    And can I tell you that we had one of those "OMG!!!! YES!!!! POTTY!!!!" moments yesterday, and not once did I think of putting it on FB/Twitter? It can happen :)

  9. I have a weird affinity for reading brain-dump-style posts on other people's blogs, so I fully endorse & request more of Miscellaneous Monday!

  10. Love the printables! I already pinned them from you. :) And yay for hanging out with bees! I would be teeny-tiny compared to you tall ladies.

  11. Le sigh, love everything you write. I need you to move to Indiana. Anyway, I TOO am obsessed with alliteration. And I love the baby pics (you're braver than me... I'm scared of babies but LOVE them) and the print update in the bathroom is fantastic!

  12. @ Kim: I'm SO PROUD to hear that you kept potty updates to yourself. Go Mama!

    @ Carrie: I like everything about "brain dump" posts except the words "brain dump". It sounds too icky bathroom-ish for my taste. Man, what IS it with me and the bathroom today?

    @ kjpugs: I heart you too! Get your butt to Chicago!

  13. bathroom wall is looking great! and yes, that blows me away that you're 5'9" but are on the shorter end of that picture.