Friday, November 18, 2011

Currently Loving: A Holiday Wishlist

For this month's Currently Loving, we're opting to post a Holiday Wishlist instead of sharing products we already own. Mr. Fix-It even put together a list!


1. Anthropologie Runway Lapel Coat: In my quest for a hot white coat, I've settled on this one being just what I'm looking for.

2. Kate Spade Pave Stud Earrings (in black): I caught these on Pinterest recently. How cure are they?!

3. iPad 2 (16GB, 3G, White): I was on the fence about an iPad forever. I have an iPhone - isn't it just a big iPhone? IT'S NOT. I recently got access to one through work and it's totally awesome.

4. Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots: Living in Chicago, great winter boots are a must. I've kept my feet warm in several pairs of Uggs, but they are NOT snow boots.

5. Lululemon Gift Card: ...because I always want to buy things there.

6. Dodocase for iPad (Purple): What a great case, no!? It looks like a moleskine cover. But wait! There's an iPad hiding inside. LOVE IT. The purple looks weird on the website, but after google image searching it looks perfect. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT.

1. Asus Zenbook: It looks pretty slick.  One of these days my old VAIO will kick it. While the Mrs. has drank more Apple Kool-aid than should be permitted by law, I am firmly entrenched in the Windows camp.  While Windows may have some flaws, it makes up for it with no limits.  This thing has brawn and beauty. Most PC laptops have about as much style as a mini-van.  It is nice to see that companies like Asus are coming out with some sexy machines.

2. Amazon Gift Card: I have a Kindle. It has been in my desk drawer at the office for months.  I really need to learn how to read.  Any recommendations for a real page turner (or scroll button presser)?

3. Harmony Link: I am a firm believer in the Harmony family of remotes.  These things work so well, my mom learned how to use it and my dad (who can barely type) knows how to update it.  I wore the buttons out on our remote, so I am looking for a new one.  The Harmony Link is a Wi-Fi device that connects iPads, iPhones, and Android devices to it and allows control of all your media equipment.  I wonder if it could work with one of the Harmony remotes too, just incase you find yourself without access to your cellphones or iPads floating around the house.

4. Carpenter Jeans: My outfit options for doing home repairs consists of a single pair of holey (also Holy) jeans  that don't always cover everything they should and two of the same t-shirts from a job I had back in high school.  Mind you these t-shirts are from 1996 and I spent summers in them doing hard labor.  Man, they are comfortable.  The shirts aren't going anywhere, but I am getting a little embarrassed to show up at the Home Depot in my jeans.  So, while I can't wear carpenter jeans in public anywhere other than the hardware store, I'd like to replace my work jeans with some carpenter jeans.  That loop is great for hanging tools and the extra pocket perfect for a pencil, screwdriver, and many other items.

5. Ceton InfiniTV 4 USB: I was one of the trail blazers and spent months on the waiting list for Ceton to get the kinks worked out of their PCI tuner card.  I built a nice little PC around it (I think Mrs FixIt "complained" about that happening during our honeymoon somewhere in this blog) and we have the ultimate in home entertainment.  Through Windows Media Center, we can watch or record four shows at one time!  The best part is, those shows can be easily copied to portable devices (within the limits of DRM if the provider has set those flags).  So, if I have 4 tuners already, why would I want their new USB tuner?  Cause I can have 8 tuners.  There are no limits, that I am aware of, within Windows Media Center on the number of tuners you can have.  It provides HD programming to your TV through a computer assuming you have HDMI or DVI outputs. You can also access any online content through your web browsers or play Blu-ray on our Blu-ray drive.

6. Wine: I fell for the whole Napa Valley trip.  It was great.  We found some wonderful wines and I hope to find some more.  I like basically any full bodied dry red wine. 

7. Beer Holster: Do I really need to explain why I want this?

What do you want for Christmas?


  1. Being up in MN, I fully understand the need for winter boots and just bought a pair of those Sorels in brown! I tried getting some last year, but by January most places were sold out. I was able to get them at Sport Authority with a $25 off coupon, so keep an eye out for those!

  2. You should check out the new dodo cases for jcrew. The standard dodo case for ipad 2 is black on the outside and the color is on the inside. The new jcrew dodo cases are colored on the outside! Although there is no purple… but ‘sailcloth’ is a really pretty grey.

  3. I just bought those snowboots in the "Hawk" color on - they are so warm and comfy :)

  4. @ bestie allie: thanks for the tip, lover! checking jcrew now!

  5. Oh, that white coat is heavenly!

  6. Can you elaborate on the differences between an iphone and an ipad? I have an iphone and my husband has mentioned getting me an ipad for Christmas but I'm not sure how much I would use it or what the differences would be.

  7. @ Erin: Yeah! So from what I can tell so far, there are a lot of apps built just for the iPad, which makes for a completely different user experience. For example, I downloaded a free Oprah magazine and spent an hour at Starbucks reading/interacting with the cool features. Beyond that, the media experience is awesome (movies/trailers etc). Plus, the larger screen is generally more satisfying for browsing the web than an iPhone.

  8. I have a dodo case in green.... Love it!