Friday, October 7, 2011

October Photography Challenge (1-7)

As mentioned last week, I'm participating in a photography challenge during the month of October. You can check out the list of participants at Our Wired Lives or follow along on twitter using #octphotochallenge.

I've enjoyed the challenge so far, and it's been fun to see how other participants have interpreted the daily assignments. Some people have turned out some really creative stuff!

Here are my first 7 photos:

{1: self portrait}

{2: what you wore today}

{3: clouds}

{4: something green}

 {5: from a high angle}

{6: from a low angle}

{7: fruit}

If you're doing the challenge too, how's it going?


  1. Love the variety in your pictures, I did apples for today as well as they are the perfect fall fruit!

    I have also just started saving corks, do you keep yours in a hurricane style candle holder? I have my one so far in a sugar bowl but hopefully will need a bigger holder one day!

  2. love your low-angle photo! and all the corks--makes me thirsty.

  3. That fruit pic is awesome ... love how you angled them!

  4. I like your fruit photo. Did you create a backdrop for it?

  5. @ Our Wired Lives: I taped a piece of Scrapbooking paper to the wall behind them. Learned the trick from Big Apple Nosh!

  6. love these! Especially the fruit- makes me want to go grab an apple!

  7. I love the shot of the corks! I've been posting my photos daily on Flickr.

  8. Hey, I took a picture of apples using Big Apple Nosh's scrapbook paper idea too! Small little bee world we have here :)

    Stupid Chicago, having no clouds on the cloud day.

  9. I love your high and low angles shots! Are you collecting the corks for something?

  10. The photo of the corks is gorgeous!!

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