Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Rainy Anniversary Weekend

Mr. Fix-It and I celebrated our First Wedding Anniversary by taking a road trip up to Door County, Wisconsin. In my mind it would be a perfect fall-getaway type weekend where we could wander, explore, hike, and enjoy the start of fall. It was definitely all those things, despite the fact that it literally rained the entire weekend.

As a native New Englander, I was picturing Door County to be a bit like coastal Maine/New Hampshire. It did not disappoint! Plus, I got to challenge my notion that the only thing to see in the Midwest is Chicago. Don't expect me to venture to Iowa or Nebraska any time steps.

Mr. Fix-It took the metra from downtown Chicago to the north suburbs (near my office) last Friday afternoon. I snuck out a little early so we could hit the road. We first made our way to Cedarburg.

After this shot, I was told that it was ok that I was taking photos "out the window", but none were allowed in the shop. If only the local artisans knew my lack of talent. I promise I'm not trying to replicate your pottery bowl. Promise.

We joined in a winery tour and got to sample some local wines. The tour was fun, but there's a reason Napa Valley exists. I have tried wine in Arkansas, Missouri, and now Wisconsin. Save your money, people.

I fell in love with this Mason Jar chandelier! I need more rustic in my life.

While we were wandering, we stumbled upon Cedarburg High School's homecoming parade. It was the cutest thing ever! All the families were ridiculously adorable, and it was a quintessential All American experience that I always craved in High School. My classmates were a little busier raising their own children and averting gang violence. (Special shout-out to machete Eddie!)

I declared that we were selling our condo, having 3 babies and moving to Cedarburg.

We hit the road again, but not before we came scarily close to running out of gas. I'm sure the lovely people of Cedarburg would have helped us out.

Door County was gorgeous! 

We did our best to stay dry. I cursed myself for not bringing a coat with a hood.

Mr. Fix-It used the rocks for shelter.

The only picture of us together from our Anniversary Weekend! I'm glad I thought to stick my camera on a stump and hit the self-timer.

We eventually got famished and hit this little bar for pizza. It sounded sooooooo good, but alas, they weren't serving pizza for another several hours. What kind of pizza place doesn't serve pizza ALL DAY. At least on a Saturday, right? So began our quest to find pizza. (Which we eventually did - I'd hate to leave you hanging.)

On Saturday night we got dressed up and went out for a fancy dinner. When we returned to our hotel, we decided to cut into our year-old wedding cake. It had been in Providence since our wedding (hence the note). When I was home for Baby Miller's shower I remembered to bring our cake back to Chicago. Then, we packed it up two weeks later to bring to Wisconsin. The cake really put in some mileage.

And it tasted great!

Sunday morning we stopped in Fish Creek for a yummy brunch. The waitress told me it was "breakfast" and Mr. Fix-It laughed because allegedly I call any Sunday morning meal "brunch". It was after 10am, so I hold that I was right.

That's how we spent our First Anniversary weekend! Are you taking any trips this fall?


  1. Looks like you two had a great time, even with the rain!

  2. Oh my, those first few pictures look like they came from a storybook! Glad you guys were able to celebrate such a memorable first anniversary!

  3. Beautiful pictures!! And happy anniversary!! I am in love with that chandelier too!

  4. So picturesque! Happy anniversary! And I totally agree with you on that brunch time concept

  5. Happy Anniversary! When I first saw the photos, I was thinking New England. It looks so pretty!

  6. Gorgeous scenery! Happy Anniversary!

  7. happy anniversary! looks like a wonderful, beautiful trip--so romantic!

  8. Happy Anniversary! Glad you had fun--I am a Wisconsinite and was so happy to see the shout outs! Come visit us again sometime (for the record, Milwaukee is pretty dang cool too). :)

  9. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Happy anniversary!

  10. oh my goodness, it looks beautiful up there! What a wonderful, low key way to spend your 1st anniversary together!