Friday, September 2, 2011

Happenings via iPhone Pics

Row One:
1. My new favorite way to start the day: Yoga & Starbucks. Life really couldn't be more perfect. Oh wait, I also request it be 75 and sunny while I enjoy my iced coffee on the Starbucks patio with the sun shining on my face.
2. I took our car, Marcus, for a REAL car wash recently. The Northshore Chicago luxury car dealerships have this competition that Lexus started years ago. They have these fancy showrooms with practically full restaurants, a movie theater (seriously), and cubicles with internet access - the works. Part of the deal is that they offer free car washes forever, and you can get lunch while you wait. It's all very fancy-pants, but the reality is, the quality of the car wash isn't the same as my favorite guys at Suds on Greenbay Road in Evanston. So, Marcus got the real star treatment, not just a drive-thru. (How did I just write 100 words about a car wash?)
Row Two:
3 & 4. About to enjoy some Chicago Pizza. Not that Lou Malnati's stuff Mr. Fix-It loves - Giordanos. My actual favorite is Carmen's. So yummy.
Row Three:
5. My office parking lot on any given day at 8:55am. Seriously, people? Wait, I showed up at 9:10 today. Guilty.
6. A photo text I sent my Mom yesterday. Any guesses what the bandanas are for?
Row Four:
7. Count the strollers. Really. I know babies can require a lot of gear but I spy a BOB, Bugaboo, Push Bike, and (look close!) a City Mini. I've also seen a Maclaren in the bunch. Oh, neighbors!
8. Go Patriots Bears! Still had to sport some New England Pride.


  1. I think it's funny that your car's name is Marcus - that's my boyfriend's name!

  2. I love instagram and documenting life on the iPhone! Best way to do it.

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