Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Honey, You Were Right.

You know those things you do "because that's what you do"? Like, Mr. Fix-It always pretends to act surprised and make me repeat myself when I say, "you were right". It's as if there's some sort of universal rule that spouses are supposed to be shocked when their partner admits fault. Honestly, I have no problem with this. Mr. Fix-It is right about plenty of things, and I have no problem admitting when his idea was better than mine.

Turn the tables.

I was so right about our sofa. When we were moving into our condo and furniture shopping I had my eye on an oversized, super-deep, cushy, comfy sofa. Mr. Fix-It insisted we needed something more crisp and tailored to make our living space look more finished. I argued that the space was for living and that having a cozy home was more important.

Guess who won?

After two years of curling up on the brown leather guy, Mr. Fix-It admitted that a deeper, "cushy" sofa would have been more comfortable. I always opt to lay leaning on Mr. Fix-It while we watch TV, and he's often stuck sitting up with his feet on the rock-hard coffee table.

This weekend bestie Allie and I wandered a Restoration Hardware outlet. I texted Mr. Fix-It this photo with an enthusiastic caption about the amazingness of the sofa:

His response? "If you didn't break my fridge you could buy it."

Grrrrrrrrrrr. Honey, you were wrong TWICE.


  1. That's the best sofa EVER!!!! We sit on it every time we go to Restoration Hardware but there is no way we will ever shell out the bucks for it. The best part of that sofa? You're totally a 5 year old on it, as an adult, because your legs don't touch the ground!! :)
    Also, did he ever say, "Honey you were right?" :)

  2. Ha - yes - the sofa is a TOTAL budget breaker. But it was at the outlet and 30% off when we went, so it was slightly more tempting. In reality, I'm sure we'd try to find a slightly better deal!

    And Mr. Fix-It did admit I was right.

  3. Hahaha I both love and hate when this happens...it's awesome to be right, but there's still that pang because it doesn't matter--you still didn't get the right couch!

    Hope you find something you love that's still in budget!

  4. Wow, that couch looks amazing! Our old sofa was about that deep, and I LOVED how cozy it was! The new one we got isn't quite as deep, and the only thing I miss about the old one is that my legs couldn't reach the ground when I was sitting all the way back on it! :)

  5. Jim wanted a deep sofa and I was looking for something that had more design elements to it, but a comfy deep sofa is so much better. I'm so happy we went with his choice.

  6. We so need a deep sofa like that! Our first was similar to yours and we still have it despite the dogs destroying the cushions....I am attached to it though since it was our first big purchase when we moved in together many years ago.