Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happenings via iPhone Pics

Row One:
1. Guess who spent one evening texting photos of open box fridge specials to her husband this week? This girl.
2. I drank a Shark Week Martini in honor of my sister. Girl is CRAY-CRAY for Shark Week. I was always was on board with this because she's mentally disabled, loves fish, and gets really into things that she loves. This year I noticed that other adults were totally jazzed about Shark Week too. Really, people?

Row Two:
3. I don't wear high heels. I'm clumbsy, I'm tall enough as it is, and damn it they make my feet hurt. Guess who decided she needed these shoes? This girl. I'm happy to report I wore them ALL DAY at work AND to a wedding. Score! I'm a grown up.
4. Random photo I texted to Mr. Fix-It to approve my outfit for an important day. The guy at Subway told me I looked "really really nice" that day. The extent to which that boosted my self-esteem is somewhat questionable.

Row Three:
5. My glass of wine from a wedding I attended this past weekend. Mama got tipsy.
6. Bestie Allie! We clean up nice.

Row Four:
7. When in Wisconsin...
8. On Facebook Allie tagged me as one of the mice in this photo. Fair enough, I do love me some cheese. And well, I did come home with 3lbs of it from the "Cheese Outlet" (5 year aged Cheddar - DELISH!). And now I feel gross. 


  1. What an adorable outfit! I love it!

  2. Ok, now I need to go Google what a "Shark Week Martini" is. Much love for shark week over here!

    And those new shoes are adorable!

  3. Ok, so I Googled, and couldn't find a recipe for a Shark Week Martini! Is it something you made up?

  4. I love all of these! That outfit is amazing!

  5. Oooooh who is the shoe designer? I hate heels, but I need a comfortable pair for my cousins wedding. Those are goregous!

  6. @ Morgan: The drink was a bar special. It tasted a lot like a stoli and sprite. They threw in a gummy shark and some blue junk to make it "shark week-ish". :)

    @ Michelle: They're by Steve Madden!

  7. Did you decide you need to replace the fridge or are you just trying to convince your husband that you do?

  8. CHEESE OUTLET! You were in my neck of the woods! :) Hope you got some yummy cheese.