Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I fell into an internet rabbit-hole this week. You know, where you find a site that leads you to a link that makes you think to google something and before you know it hours have disappeared? Sometimes this leads me to total dead ends, but sometimes I discover amazing and wonderful things. Discovery: grey and beige can be friends.

Here's the backstory: I've been wanting to take on a new project recently. Mr. Fix-It has been pushing for us to paint the remaining walls in our Master Bedroom a super-soft-subtle grey. I just couldn't commit.

I thought with the bold purple accent wall, soft grey walls would just be too much. Plus, I wasn't sold on the idea that the grey would work with the beige accents in the room (read: carpet, curtains, headboard, and winter duvet). I proposed painting the whole room grey, but Mr. Fix-It seemed sad about letting the purple wall go. I tried to talk him into it, but my argument was kind of weak since I honestly wasn't convinced grey and beige would work.

This is where the internet rabbit-hole comes into play.

I stumbled upon Kristin's post at Bien Living on a makeover she did for Sara at Running From The Law.


I am now convinced I must have rich grey in our Master. But, alas, we still have the beige issue. Seeking inspriation, I hit the ever-reliable Pinterest.

What do you think? I texted Mr. Fix-It that I want to start painting on Friday night. Would you go for it?


  1. I don't like the gray and beige. Sorry.

  2. I love greige! It's still a great contrast, IMO!

  3. I, too, recently found that grey and beige could work...even with white trim. I've been wanting to paint our living room grey with white trim, but we have cream couches (and we're not in the market to buy new ones). I was so excited to see all sorts of grey, white, beige combos on pinterest!

  4. I love it!! I think you should do it!

  5. perfect timing on this post as I am trying to convince my hubs that we can easily work grey into our living room that has darker-beige walls :)love it!

  6. i think the "greige" would provide a nice soothing, neutral (but not boring) environment. and i love the runninglawyer renovation as well!


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